The Great Food Truck Race, Season 9: Top Moments

Relive the journey the teams took during Season 9 of The Great Food Truck Race.

Photo By: Katrina Marcinowski

Photo By: Katrina Marcinowski

Photo By: Matt Harbicht/Verbatim Photo Agency

Photo By: Katrina Marcinowski

Photo By: Katrina Marcinowski

Photo By: Dave Becker

Photo By: John Michael Cooper

Photo By: Jesse Rieser , Jesse Rieser

Photo By: Mark Peterman

Photo By: Mark Peterman

Photo By: Jesse Rieser , Jesse Rieser

Photo By: Jesse Rieser

Morning Glory

Season 9 of The Great Food Truck Race kicked off with the most important meal of the day — breakfast.

Squeeze Without Seeds

In order for the food truck teams to get the keys to their trucks and $500 in startup cash, they had to squeeze oranges to fill a pitcher of orange juice. Tyler only had one rule — no seeds.

Buns, Thighs & Seeds

Most of the truck teams were able to fill their pitchers and get moving, but Buns 'N Thighs kept seeing seeds float to the top of their juice.

Shop 'n Sell

After finally serving up a pitcher of freshly squeezes and seedless orange juice, it was time to get shopping, cooking and selling. The first stop on the food truck tour was the City of Angels, Los Angeles.

Equipment Failure

Once the shopping was done and they found a spot to park, New England Grill got cooking so they could start selling — that is until their generator broke!

Light It Up

Luckily, they could still cook on the flat top grill with propane gas, but once the sun started setting, they had to rely on cell phone flashlights to see the food and their customers.

Beefing Over Beef

For their second day of selling, Tyler tasked the teams to sell a beef dish. What kind of beef? That all depended on how much they were willing to spend. Tyler auctioned off different cuts of beef, from filet to ground chuck, but all the beef dishes had to be sold for $12.

Sayonara Sassy Soul

After two days of selling in Los Angeles, the ladies of Sassy Soul were sent home.

Las Vegas Shrimp

The second week of The Great Food Truck Race took Tyler and the truck teams to Sin City, and in honor of their arrival, Tyler challenged the teams to sell a dish with one of Las Vegas' most popular ingredients: shrimp.

New England Head Start

After finishing week one with a negative balance, New England Grill wasn't wasting any time in Las Vegas. Shrimp po' boy with your coffee?

Mobile Meltdown

Over on the Mobile Moo Shu truck, the girls were trying to get an assembly line started so they could get their shrimp tacos made and sold, but things weren't going as smoothly as they'd planned. "When someone tells me something once, got it. Don't need to be told again," Chelsea said. "For them, it might be the fourth time I have to tell them, and then I'm annoyed."

Blau Means Business

To help his judge the food truck teams, Tyler brought along his friend and restaurant consultant, Elizabeth Blau along to taste their signature dishes. Tyler was going to advice on the menus while Elizabeth gave the truck teams business advice.

Buns N' Bills

After two days of selling in Las Vegas, Buns 'N Thighs pulled in the win with a grand total of $711.

Heroes Head Home

With a grand total of just $197, Heroes on a Half Shell were headed home.

Lone Trucker

Week three brought The Great Food Truck Race to Phoenix, but left Ian without his teammates. Victoria returned home to Chicago to take care of their businesses and Marla returned home to care for her father. "We've never had a single operator in the history of Food Truck Race," Tyler said.

Faux-cial Media

In lieu of making a social media account to promote their business, Just Wing It made a fake social media account, so they could follow all of Mobile Moo Shu's movements, and most importantly, find out where they were parking.


They weren't arrested for stalking, but Just Wing It and Mobile Moo Shu were both kicked out of their prime downtown locations.

Real Good Real Estate

With little foot traffic at their new location, Steven walked into a local real estate office to drum up some business. "It just takes that one order to break the curse," Kevin said.

No Buns, No Thighs

Despite his hustle, Ian wasn't able to make enough sales to stay in the competition. "Being a one-man-band in this compertition was a struggle,", Ian said. "I take the knowledge and the experience, and I leave here a winner."

Don't Choke

Week four of The Great Food Truck Race brought Tyler and the teams to Yuma, CA, and this week was all about artichokes. After completing an artichoke challenge, the teams had to incorporate an artichoke dish into their menu.

Not So Special Dish

For their spinach dish, Just Wing It whipped a spinach artichoke dish with bacon, but that decision wasn't going over too well with the customers. "People really don't want to buy something that's not chicken wings off a truck called Just Wing It," Sharon said.

Cooking for Crowds

The residents of Yuma have quite an appetite. All the trucks were inundated with crowds of people, and after just a short time, they were all running out of food.

Dino Drumsticks

After frying and selling all the fresh chicken wings Yuma had to offer, Just Wing It went big. They started frying up drumsticks are marketing them as "Dino Wings."

Catastrophe for Christine

After a successful first day of selling in Yuma, the New England Grill team was closing up their truck when Christine got clipped by the truck awning. She fell to the ground and was instantly rushed to the hospital.


For day two of selling in Yuma, Tyler had another trick up his sleeve. Each team would no longer be able to sell their most popular dish.

Back in Action

Nothing can keep a New England girl down! Christine's injury was healed, and she was back to sell, sell, sell! "I've had five children, that was nothing," Christine said.