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The Great Food Truck Race, Season 4: Behind the Scenes of Episode 5

Go behind Episode 5 of The Great Food Truck Race, Season 4 on Food Network.
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Turning Point in the Twin Cities

The four remaining teams meet Tyler just outside of Minneapolis. This weekend they will be selling in two cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul. Tyler warns them "these two cities may be twins, but they're not exactly identical." This will be a turning point in the competition, as the final three teams will be determined. Tyler provides them with $400 in "big city" seed money and promises no Speed Bump that day.

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Friendly Competition

On their first day the teams will be selling in Minneapolis. Most of them decide to head to local breweries. Philly's Finest Sambonis and The Slide Show happen to set up at the same one, Indeed Brewing Company. They face competition from other food trucks in the area in addition to one another. Tikka Tikka Taco sets up at 612 Brewery.

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Hawaiian Time

Aloha Plate once again taps into the island appeal and opens up for sales by a tiki bar named Psycho Suzi's. Instead of spending all their seed money, they only spend half, hoping to "thin it to win it."

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Doubling Down on Bread

The guys of Philly's come up with a new special, a chicken cutlet sandwich with spinach and tomato. But in their hurry to buy bread, Erik unknowingly calls two locations of the same grocery chain thinking they're the same store. The team picks up only one of the orders but promises to pick up the second order the next day.

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