The Best Eco-Friendly Snacks

Get scrappy with it!

The Kitchen hosts are topping off their “green” celebration by taste-testing some of the latest eco-friendly scrappy snacks to hit supermarket shelves.

The first scrappy snack the Kitchen crew tried was dried kiwi. This company buys ugly and misshapen fruit and transforms them into a dried fruit kiwi snack. The hosts had mixed reactions to this one. Katie liked that it was tangy and chewy. Sunny said it was tough like a jerky but tasted similar to a chewy raisin or dried cranberry, while Jeff commented that he wasn’t sure about the texture and didn’t love that the kiwi skin was left on.

Next up was sweet potato puffs. These scrappy snacks are made from upcycled, imperfect sweet potatoes and they come in a few different flavors. The hosts tried sour cream and onion and Cheddar-flavored sweet potato puffs. When the hosts tasted them, it was unanimous that these were a “slam dunk.” Katie and Sunny both said they would eat a whole bag.

The final scrappy snack was pulp chips. This company uses celery and kale juice pulp that would normally have gone to waste to make these crunchy pulp chips. What was the verdict when we tried these scrappy snacks? It’s no surprise that Katie liked the kale flavor and thought they were delicious, while Sunny, Jeff and Alex thought they were a little dry but would be great paired with a little cheese, guacamole, salsa or hummus.

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