Next Iron Chef: Inside Chef Forgione's Journal

Peek inside Chef Marc Forgione's top-secret journal from The Next Iron Chef Season 3.

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The Next Iron Chef Journals

Through the pages of his journal, relive Chef Marc Forgione's amazing journey from L.A. to Las Vegas to Kitchen Stadium, where he was crowned the newest Iron Chef.

Good Karma

Throughout the competition, Chef Forgione usually appeared calm and cool in the kitchen, rarely getting flustered.

Strong Start

For the first Chairman's Challenge, Chef Forgione adapted one of his signature dishes — chicken under a brick — to the desert island theme.

Chicken Under a Coconut

Simon Majumdar said Chef Forgione's crispy chicken skin was "something I could dream about."

Breakfast Inspiration

Chef Forgione plans two dishes for the breakfast challenge at John O'Groats: "I'm taking the doughnut and using it like ingredients that I know."

Coffee and Doughnuts

One of Chef Forgione's spins on the secret ingredients: Doughnut French Toast With Coffee and Hazelnut Syrup and Bacon.

Plan of Attack

Before the next Chairman's Challenge begins, Chef Forgione maps out how he'll innovate his diner assignment: Chicken Pot Pie.

Innovative Pot Pie

"I knew there was never going to be a crust, more like a brown-butter-biscuit crumble." — Chef Forgione

First Win

Chef Forgione's winning dish: Pie Pot Chicken With Stuffed Breast, Morel Mushroom Emulsion and Biscuit Crumble. Simon Majumdar called it "sensational."

Fair Food?

"I'm not a big fair guy. I come from Manhattan. I have no idea what's served at a fair. No clue." — Chef Forgione

Fried, Grilled and On a Stick

Chef Forgione's three fair dishes: Deep-Fried Root Beer Float; "Buffalo Chicken" Grilled Frog's Legs; "Bacon Cheeseburger" With Fried Bacon, Hamburger Reduction and Forge's Secret Sauce.


The next challenge is all about American food: Chef Forgione writes out prep lists for dishes from the North, South, East and West, plus an extra strawberry shortcake dessert.

Making Up Time

After losing the Secret Ingredient Challenge, Chef Forgione has a disadvantage in this one: He's the last one to select his ingredients, and a lot of the good stuff is gone.

A Fish Mistake

Chef Forgione's overcooked halibut put him in the bottom for this challenge: "It feels like I got punched in the stomach by Hulk Hogan. I will never make a mistake like that again."

Pastry in Vegas

In the first Vegas challenge, Chef Forgione's dessert had some romantic inspiration: "I've been dating my girlfriend for quite some time ... these are her favorite flavors."

Wedding-Worthy Dessert?

Fear and Loathing Parfait Cake: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Parfait "Cake," Feuilletine Crunch and Hazelnut Brittle

Inspired Buffet

Chef Forgione plans out a menu with three hot and two cold dishes for his modern Vegas buffet.

Pressure Cooker Problems

Chef Forgione decides to use a pressure cooker for the first time to braise his veal cheeks: "An Iron Chef needs to adapt. I'll cross my fingers and hope that it works."

Mixed Reviews

The judges praised Chef Forgione's leg of lamb and vegetable consomme, but his veal cheeks were oversalted: "I doubt that you would have sent that out in your own restaurant." — Simon Majumdar

Seductive Cocktails

For the next Secret Ingredient Challenge, Chef Forgione takes inventory of what's available behind the bar at Jean Georges Steakhouse.


"Charlotte Voisey is this very attractive master mixologist. This is a seduction challenge, so I'm glad I'm not just cooking for Canora and Chef Tsai." — Chef Forgione

"Smoky Sophistication"

Chef Forgione's pairing: Mezcal With Kumquat and Mint Simple Syrup With a Float of Champagne; Saratoga Chips With Bacon Sea Salt and Sour Cream Dip.

Luxury Lobster

For the final Chairman's Challenge, Chef Forgione draws Maine lobster as his luxury ingredient: "I think lobster is sexy. I'm as confident as I've ever been."


The chefs dash through the Aria Resort to collect ingredients from five restaurants. Chef Forgione and Chef Tio grab handfuls of expensive mushrooms for their dishes.

A Seductive Menu

Chef Forgione plans out his three preparations of lobster to seduce the judges' palates. Lobster Sashimi, Lobster Ravioli and Butter-Poached Lobster ultimately send him to the finale in Kitchen Stadium.

Surf and Turf

Donatella Arpaia adored Chef Forgione's Butter-Poached Lobster Tail With Osso Bucco, Pickled Chanterelles and Carrot Puree: "It's so luscious in the mouth. It was really delicious and seasoned perfectly."

Harvest Festival

For the final challenge in Kitchen Stadium, Chef Forgione takes a non-traditional approach to Thanksgiving: "At the first Thanksgiving in 1621 there was no turkey served. It may be a risk, I'm not sure."


Chef Forgione and Chef Canora have one hour to bang out their five-course Thanksgiving feasts.

Turkey-less Thanksgiving?

In lieu of turkey, Chef Forgione served this Chestnut-Stuffed Venison With Butternut Squash, Juniper Jus, Gin-Soaked Raisins and Black Trumpet Mushrooms. Bobby Flay said he didn't miss the turkey.

The Next Iron Chef Is ...

"The curtain drops. I feel utter shock. Disbelief. Slap me in the face and tell me I'm dreaming." — Chef Forgione

Iron Chef Forgione

"It's insane, this club that I just got accepted into. It's an absolute honor. You're one of the faces of this industry that I love." — Chef Forgione

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