Next Iron Chef: Inside the Rivals' Journals, Episode 5

Peek inside an eliminated chef's top-secret journal from The Next Iron Chef Season 3.

Photo By: Leanna Creel ©Leanna Creel Inc.

Photo By: Leanna Creel ©Leanna Creel Inc.

Photo By: Leanna Creel ©Leanna Creel Inc.

Photo By: Leanna Creel ©Leanna Creel Inc.

Photo By: Leanna Creel ©Leanna Creel Inc.




The Next Iron Chef Journals

Upon arrival on set in Los Angeles, each rival received a red journal to use for dish planning and reflection. Chef Maneet Chauhan was the next chef to leave her journal behind after elimination.

In It to Win It

Spunky Chef Chauhan came into the competition full of determination: "I'm not afraid of anything. If the tiger needs to come out, it will."

Starting Out Strong

In the very first challenge, Chef Chauhan outlined her game plan for an Indian-inspired cucumber sandwich on naan bread.

Challenge Notes

Chef Chauhan wrote out a prep list to stay organized during the sandwich challenge. On the opposite page, she noted whose sandwiches she liked most — and least.

Sandwich Success

Though she didn't win the challenge, Chef Chauhan's Naan Cucumber Mint Chicken Sandwich was well-received by the other rivals.

Turkey on the Beach?

Chef Chauhan picked turkey as her desert island ingredient. Here she scribbles plans for an island-flavored turkey roulade.

Judges' Plate

Her ideas materialized into this dish: Charred Ginger-Flavored Turkey Topped With Coconut Turkey Gizzards Sauce and Caramelized Plantains With Watermelon Basil Slaw.

Breakfast Inspiration

For the next challenge, Chef Chauhan writes down a few notes about the location, L.A.'s John O'Groats: "Famous for buttermilk pancakes." She knows the challenge will be breakfast-related.

Coffee and Doughnuts

Chef Chauhan gets inventive with the secret ingredients. "You're making a grilled cheese, Chef Chauhan? That makes you my hero." — Alton Brown

Winning Dishes

Chef Chauhan scored a win from her fellow chefs with her Doughnut Grilled Cheese and a Sweet Frittata With Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts.

Risky Choice?

For the Diner challenge, Chef Chauhan put her own spin on a burger and fries by going vegetarian: "Everyone loves meat, so it could be risky. But nothing risked, nothing gained." She obviously wasn't happy with the final product.

Diner Disappointment

The judges found Chef Chauhan's Cilantro Vegetarian Cottage Cheese Burger mushy in texture and called the flavor "a little bit muted."

Condiments Transformed

Chef Chauhan was assigned ranch dressing in the condiment Secret Ingredient Challenge. She decided to go sweet and make it into a mousse.

Another Peer Judgment

The rivals voted Chef Chauhan's Lemon and Ranch Mousse Topped With Sherry Vinegar-Steeped Carrot Sticks their least-favorite dish.


Before the potato Secret Ingredient Challenge, Chef Chauhan reflects in her journal: "What do I need to do to win??"

So Close

Chef Chauhan almost won the next challenge with her Potato Ravioli made with thin slices of potato in place of pasta. Chef Canora beat her out by a tie-breaking vote.

Culinary Compass

Chef Chauhan's approach to the regional American challenge: "Stick to my interpretations of American cuisine." She planned comfort-food-inspired dishes including clam chowder and bread pudding.

Final Plate

The dishes that ultimately sent Chef Chauhan home: New England Clam Chowder (East); Luau in an Avocado Cup (West); Petit Buffalo Filet on Fingerling Rosemary Potatoes (North); Louisiana Bourbon Bread Pudding (South)

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