Next Iron Chef, Season 3: Behind the Scenes of Episode 3

Browse The Next Iron Chef rivals' dishes and get a closer look at the second episode's challenges.

Secret Ingredient: Pickles

Alton challenges the chefs to create a "portable snack" using pickles. They've got plenty to choose from — not just cukes, but pickled peppers, garlic, tomatoes and more.

Ready for Snacktime?

Why are they making portable snacks? The chefs will find out where they're going later ...

Be Resourceful

Resourcefulness is the name of the game this week. "I decided to use as many of the pickles I was given in as many ways as I could." — Chef Forgione

Chef Forgione's Snack

Winning Dish: Duck Liver Crostini With Spicy Piccalilli and Pickled Garlic Toast

Bring the Heat

Chef Canora topped cherry peppers with hot pickled garlic: "You know what they say: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

Chef Canora's Snack

"Tonnato of Pork": Stuffed Cherry Pepper With Pickled Garlic, Capers and Anchovy

Chef Caswell's Snack

Barcelona Red Hot: Stuffed With Andouille and Pork Belly Rillette, Sweet Potato and Swiss Chard, and a Cilantro Yogurt Dip

Corn Obsession?

Chef Tio uses corn to make corn cakes and a chow-chow relish for her snack. It was also her desert island ingredient pick in Episode One.

Chef Tio's Snack

Corn Pancake With Grilled Chorizo Corn Chow-Chow and Harissa

Chef Dumont's Snack

Lemon Verbena Chicken Lettuce Cup With Pickled Fennel, Granny Smith Apples and a Pickled Celery Pepper Aioli


Chef Chauhan hustles to finish her dish. She embraced resourcefulness by utilizing nearly all of the pickles available.

Chef Chauhan's Snack

Pickled Wrapped Chorizo and Goat Cheese Stuffed Cherry Pepper Skewers

Chef Estes' Snack

Lobster Lettuce Cup With Pickled Green Tomato Tartar Sauce and Pickled Pepper Popper With Grilled Corn and Watermelon Chow-Chow

Chef Tsai's Snack

Turf & Veg Cha Soba Noodle Sushi


Once again, the chefs must judge one another. Chef Forgione's crostini gets raves: "It's perfectly balanced." — Chef Tio

The Chairman's Challenge: Go Fish

The chefs return from a deep-sea fishing field trip with their fresh catches, ready for their next challenge: "Prepare a mouth-watering two-course tasting menu featuring your bounty from the sea."

Inspecting the Catch

Every chef had at least one catch on the boat trip, most of which were scorpion fish.

Take the Bait

Some rivals caught just a meager bounty of fish, so the sardines they used for bait are also fair game.

Eye on the Heat

Chef Tio checks the stove. Later, while making couscous, her plastic-covered mixing bowl goes up in flames. She has to start over — making sure to choose a stainless steel bowl the second time around.

Alton Surveys the Scene

Post-fire, Chef Tio is frazzled, but she gets right back to cooking.

Chef Tio's Catch

Left: Scorpion Fish Crudo Brined in Grilled Sardine With Almond Skordalia and Crispy Potatoes. Right: Scorpion Fish Cataplana With Clams, Prawns and Saffron Couscous-Breaded Scorpion Fish.

Plan of Attack

In his journal, Chef Tsai has plotted his two scorpion fish dishes. Now he's ready to cook — and successfully redeem himself from last week.

Welcome Back to the Top

"What I learned from the two previous challenges is keep it simple, stupid. I never want to come in last again." — Chef Tsai

Chef Tsai's Catch

Fish 'n Dip With Tempura Scorpion Fish and Yuzu White Asparagus Dipped in Uni Scorpion Fish Head Bisque

Chef Tsai's Catch, Part Two

New Style Scorpion Fish Sashimi With Lemon Soy Syrup Flashed With Curry Oil and Tempura Fish Tail

Preparing for Battle

Chef Forgione gets an advantage for winning the pickle challenge: He can take a fish away from any of his fellow rivals to use in his own dishes.

Chef Forgione's Catch

Left: Snapper en Croute. Right: Snapper Salad Nicoise With Snapper Skin Popcorn.

Chef Chauhan's Catch

Escabeche of Sardines and Scorpion Fish and an "Underground Salad" Dressed With Bacon, Fennel, and Scorpion Fish

Chef Chauhan's Catch, Part Two

Coconut Cilantro Marinated Scorpion Fish Steamed in a Banana Leaf Served With Saffron Fish Stock Rice

Every Second Counts

After being voted least-favorite in the pickle challenge, Chef Estes must wait out the first 60 seconds of the battle. "I feel like I'm a pinball, up-down, up-down, and I'm tired of this." — Chef Estes

Chef Estes' Catch

Scorpion Fish With Charred Tomato Chermoula With Cauliflower Couscous

Chef Estes' Catch, Part Two

"Wish It Was My Husband's" Bacon-Wrapped Sardine With Fig and Scorpion Fish Liver Anchoïade Topped With Cheek Crudo

Chef Caswell's Catch

Sanddab Carpaccio With Grapefruit Agua Fresca and Marinated Grapefruit

Chef Caswell's Catch, Part Two

Warm Scorpion Fish and Charred Chile Prawn Salad With Plums, Radishes, Opal Basil and Dashi Condensate

Going for the Win

The judges loved Chef Canora's hot and cold preparations of scorpion fish: "Welcome to the race." — Donatella Arpaia

Chef Canora's Catch

Winning Dish: Hot and Cold Cacciucco With Scorpion Fish, Santa Barbara Prawns and Manila Clams

"All Great Chefs Have Bad Days ... "

Whose will it be this week, Alton?

Chef Dumont's Catch

Seared Rockfish and Cockles With Fennel, Tomato, Red Wine Braised Fingerling Potatoes, a Billi-bi Jus and Grilled Country Bread

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