Top 5 Brunch Dishes in America

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#5: Pot Roast Hash − Pinewood Social

Steak and eggs are reimagined in this hash from Nashville's Pinewood Social. Tri-tip meat is cooked sous-vide style for 24 hours to get it juicy and tender. The meat is then cut against the grain and topped with fried and smashed fingerling potatoes, sauteed onions and peppers, and an egg, which has been fried in clarified butter. A sumptuous veal reduction sauce finishes the hash off, infusing it with beefy flavors.

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#4: BLT Dutch Baby Pancake − Milktooth

Located in a converted garage, Indianapolis' Milktooth is anything but a clunker. Known for its innovative marriage of a classic breakfast and a favorite lunch, Milktooth's BLT Dutch Baby Pancake is a mouthwatering combo of sweet and salty. The pancake's savory flavor comes from its toppings of oven-dried tomatillo aioli and bacon jam.

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#3: Pastrami and Hash − High Street on Market

Jon Nodler, head chef at Philadelphia's High Street on Market, fries the Kennebec potatoes used to make this sandwich's hash brown in a deep-fryer, twice — first when raw, and then again after the potatoes are mashed, flattened and frozen — to form a crispy outer layer and a creamy inner one.

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#2: Huevos Condesa − La Condesa

"We try to make it a big conglomerate dish, almost like a one-pot wonder that Mom used to make," Executive Chef Rick Lopez says about this best-seller from Austin's La Condesa. Filled with American and Mexican flavors, this dish features crispy Yukon potatoes that are cooked in duck fat, and a tangy paste that Lopez calls his "medulla mix," made from tart tomatoes, smoked bacon and poblano peppers.

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#1: Cinnamon Roll French Toast − m. henry

Check your guilt at the door before digging into this decadent creation from Chicago's m. henry. The rolls featured in this dish get bathed in a sugary egg-custard mixture before being added to a flattop for browning. A made-from-scratch Neufchâtel cream, fresh mango and blueberry bits, and some housemade granola give the dish its finishing touches, transforming it into an absolute must-have.

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