Top 5 Burgers in America

Food Network found the top five burgers in the country. Find out which restaurants made the list.

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#5: Mission Burger — Mission Bowling Club

Enter Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco and you’ll get a lot more than just strikes and spares. This bowling alley is serving up their brisket-and-chuck-based Mission Burger that they sear in beef fat and then top with housemade caper aioli, caramelized onions and Monterey Jack cheese.

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#4: The Onion Burger — Sid's Diner

At Sid's Diner in El Reno, Okla., it takes just a few simple ingredients to make the showstopping Onion Burger. Key are the Spanish yellow onions that owner Marty Hall slices until paper-thin and then adds directly to the patty. A homemade spatula flattens out the meat, giving the onions the perfect surface area to crisp up until golden brown. 

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#3: Classic Burger — Pie 'n Burger

In Pasadena, Calif., Pie 'n Burger has been serving the same burger recipe to customers for over 50 years. Topped with American cheese and a housemade sweet and tangy Thousand Island dressing, this freshly ground beef burger is served in loosely wrapped wax paper, which not only keeps it all together but also matches the restaurant’s old-style charm.

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#2: Steakhouse Burger — Brindle Room

Brindle Room in New York uses the ultimate combination of meat — 30-day-aged beef neck, fresh beef and pure white fat — to create their Steakhouse Burger. Once seared in a cast-iron skillet, the patty gets topped with caramelized onions, American cheese and homemade spicy hot sauce. This neighborhood restaurant doesn’t feel the need for fancy bread, either — they keep it simple with a plain white bun. 

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#1: Double Cheese Burger — Au Cheval

Make no mistake, the Double Cheese Burger at Au Cheval in Chicago actually uses three patties. Although thin, these slabs of beef are key to the perfect burger-to-cheese ratio. Once topped with cheddar, maple-glazed bacon and homemade “Dijonnaise,” diners can make it “Au Cheval style” by adding a fried egg. 

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