Top 5 Chocolate Desserts in America

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#5: Chocolate Chunk Pizza — Max Brenner

At Philadelphia's Max Brenner, chocolate is the menu. And there's one dish in particular that's worth trying: the Chocolate Chunk Pizza. It all starts with a deep-dish pizza crust that's sprinkled with chopped milk and white chocolates, marshmallows and peanut butter sauce. Tableside it's served with a syringe filled with chocolate ganache.

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#4: Quadruple Chocolate Cheesecake — The Confectional

At The Confectional in Seattle's Pike Place market, you'll find the Quadruple Chocolate Cheesecake. This irresistible sweet is made in small panettone cups so you don't feel as guilty. The chocolate cheesecake batter is studded with milk, white and extra dark chocolate buttons, and once the mini cakes are baked, they get topped with a sour cream-and-sugar mixture for a little tartness.

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#3: Sweet 'n Salty Pie — Royers Round Top Cafe

At Royers Round Top Cafe in Round Top, Texas, there's a chocolate dessert you won't want to miss. The Sweet 'n Salty Pie is a unique mash-up: It puts a chocolate cookie dough into a lard-based pie crust. It's studded with caramel chips and chocolate chips, and sprinkled with sea salt. For serving, a scoop of ice cream completes this decadent dessert.

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#2: Dark Chocolate Brownie Sundae — Picco

For a triple chocolate threat, head to Picco in Boston, where the Dark Chocolate Brownie Sundae gets everyone's attention. It all starts with chocolate ice cream made with a combination of 70 percent and 99 percent dark chocolates. Then comes a fudgy chocolate brownie, and finally a chocolate sauce. Once everything is layered together, you have a dessert that would make any chocolate lover scream with delight.

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#1: 24-Layer Chocolate Cake — Strip House

When you taste the 24-layer chocolate cake at Strip House in New York City, you won't wonder why the restaurant makes 1,000 of them every month. This devilishly decadent cake is made with 12 layers of rich chocolate cake, 11 layers of chocolate custard, and a final layer of chocolate ganache. The rich chocolate flavor comes through, courtesy of the premium Spanish cocoa powder and the addition of Sumatran coffee to the batter.

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