Top 5 Hot and Spicy Dishes in America

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#5: Slater's 50/50 — Pasadena, Calif.

If you've been looking for America's hottest burger, then you've come to the right place. At Slater's 50/50 in Pasadena, Calif., the 50 Alarm Burger is so hot you have to eat it while wearing gloves. The patty is made with half beef and half spicy chorizo. Toppings include ghost pepper Colby Jack cheese, habanero jam, freshly sliced jalapenos and, to take it over the top, deep-fried habanero poppers stuffed with cream cheese. You will definitely want to ask for one of the restaurants popular milk shakes to cool down your palate.

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#4: Miss Lily's — New York City

You don't have to go to the Caribbean to find jerk flavors — just head to New York City's Miss Lily's. Here in the middle of the city you'll find a tropical escape that serves the spiciest jerk chicken wings. "It's going to make your ears sweat just a little," says Executive Chef Adam Schop. The three-day process starts with a flavorful brine, then the wings are rubbed with a paste of Scotch bonnet peppers to marinate. Finally, they're cooked in a steam-controlled oven to lock in moisture before being grilled and slathered with jerk sauce.

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#3: Papalote Mexican Grill — San Francisco

San Francisco's Mission District is full of Mexican eateries, but it's Papalote Mexican Grill that serves one of the hottest burritos in the area. "Every ingredient gets its own special treatment," says co-owner Miguel Escobedo. What he means are the three proteins (chicken, shrimp and beef) that go into the aptly named Triple Threat Burrito. It's all topped off with the restaurant's special spicy Papalote salsa, which has become so popular that you can purchase it bottled.

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#2: Liuzza's by the Track — New Orleans

Liuzza's by the Track began its existence in 1930s New Orleans as a grocery store. Over time it transitioned into a restaurant, and the rest is history. One dish in particular draws the crowds: the Spicy Gumbo, which picks techniques from both Cajun and Creole recipes. Owner James La Marie says it was inspired by French, Spanish and Caribbean traditions. The soup is made using water that's been infused with cayenne, and it features chicken thighs, andouille sausage and okra that's been baked.

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#1: Pepperfire Hot Chicken — Nashville

At Nashville's Pepperfire Hot Chicken, it's a unique recipe that has everyone breathing fire. The Tender Royale is made with white-meat chicken tenders that are hotter than the hottest Buffalo wings. That's because the Carolina reaper — the hottest pepper in the world — goes into the spicy oil that flavors the chicken. Luckily, owner Isaac Beard makes six individual versions of the hot sauce for customers to choose from depending on their heat tolerance. The chicken is served atop a grilled cheese sandwich made with Texas toast, pepper Jack cheese and mayonnaise, which gets battered and deep-fried.

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