The Best Cakes from Vegas Cakes

Vegas is all about celebrating, and Freed's Bakery makes it happen! Their artists make the most fun, outrageous and elaborate cakes in town

Unicorn Cake

The gorgeous cake is a child's dream. Inside, layers of rainbow-colored cake complete the fantastic look. See how this cake was born.

Life-Size Wedding Dress Cake

Future bride Tricia McCrone and her sister cut into a life-size wedding dress cake made for Tricia's bridal shower. See how the cake was made.

Penn and Teller Evil Bunny Cake

To celebrate 25 years of their show, Penn ordered this cake as a surprise for Teller. What better way to celebrate than with an evil bunny coming out of a top hat?

Tiger Birthday Cake

You’ve got to see how the fine details of this lifelike cake come together from teeth to claws. Watch here.

Giant Taco Cake

Massive tacos are painstakingly crafted for National Taco Day with steak, chunky guacamole, jalapenos, cheese and all the fixin’s. Check out the video.

Big Ben Cake

A couple that is moving to England commissioned this sweet homage to British life. Watch it being made.

Pig Roast Cake

A restaurant kicked off college football season with this sweet pig cake roasting over a sugar-spun fire.

Tiki Cake

A Vegas bar celebrated their second anniversary with a giant tiki cake. Surf's up!

Blue Man Group Cake

This colorful cake was made for a charity event hosted by Blue Man Group.