Worst Bakers in America: Meet the Competitors

Get to know the hopeless bakers entering Boot Camp in the first season of Worst Bakers in America. 
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Lizzy Lu

To Korean born Lizzy, there is nothing more American than a warm, homemade apple pie. Unfortunately she's also terrified of baking and turns into a stressed out mess whenever she attempts it. In addition to learning how to bake, Lizzy wants to show her daughter that doing something that scares you can be really rewarding.  

Samantha Brown

A mother to three teenage boys, Samantha dreams of having warm, gooey treats fresh from the oven when her kids get home from school, but Samantha is a mess in the kitchen. She gets distracted, lost in recipes and nothing ever turns out right. Samantha wants to hone her baking skills and finally be able to make PTA worthy treats. 

Kimberly Worthy

Coming from a family of talented bakers hasn't helped Kimberly much in the kitchen. While she may not have any skills in the kitchen, Kimberly is quick to judge everyone else. In addition to her know-it-all attitude, Kimberly's fear of eggs won't make baking in Boot Camp any easier. 

Carla Johnson

A former Worst Cooks in America, Season 4 contestant, Carla's back to try and improve her baking skills. Her crush on Bobby Flay may have gotten her flustered before, but now with a new fiancee, Carla wants to improve her baking skills so she can make her own wedding cake. 

Anthony Lee

This father of six may celebrate a lot of birthdays, but he certainly isn't baking any of the cakes. Anthony loves to indulge on "delicates," his word for sweets, but he hasn't made any in over 20 years! He wants to take some of the baking responsibilities off of his wife's plate, so Anthony's entering Boot Camp to start learning from scratch. 

Carey Westbrook

Carey's mom might be known for her delicious cakes, but Carey is better known for his baking mistakes. He has an energetic and charismatic personality, but unfortunately that doesn't translate into his baked goods. He wants to carry on his mom's baking legacy, but his creations usually taste as scary as they look. 

Ryan Neiman

Everything usually works out in Ryan's favor, except when he steps into the kitchen. Ryan comes from a large family, and they all still remind him of his biggest baking disaster when he poisoned them all at a family reunion! Ryan's wants to use the skills he learns at Boot Camp to make his family remember his baking for all the right reasons. 

Jesse Wyman

A small town farm boy from North Dakota, Jesse made the move to the big city, and now he's taking on a whole new challenge: learning to bake. Jesse knows the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and he hopes he can learn some skills in Boot Camp that will help him land his soulmate. 

David Rosenberg

Another Worst Cooks alum from Season 6, David is back to try his hand at the final culinary frontier: baking. David is convinced cooking just isn't in his DNA, but just because he can't learn to cook doesn't mean he can't learn to bake. At the very least, David wants to leave Boot Camp able to make edible biscuits for his dogs. 

Stephanie Garcia

Stephanie is used to getting applause as a standup comedienne, but when she tries to bake for her family she's only met with heckles. The last time Stephanie tried her hand at baking, she sent her whole family to the hospital with food poisoning! Stephanie's entering Boot Camp hoping to learn how to bake for her family without sending them to the ER. 

Judy Welch

Judy certainly has skills when it comes to singing, but this choir teacher's baked goods are anything but harmonizing. Judy loves to bake, she just isn't good at it. She wants to leave Boot Camp with baking skill she can pass down to her children and grandchildren. 

Shante Randolph

Shante has been banned from the kitchen by her family after her last baking mishap almost burnt down their house! Shante has a passion for salsa dancing, and she is hoping to get that same passion for baking and prove to her family that she isn't a liability in the kitchen. 

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