Behind the Scenes of the Worst Cooks in America Season 4 Promo Shoot

Get an insider's look at what went down when Food Network's own Chefs Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell came face-to-face with some of this season's Worst Cooks in America recruits and saw for the first time the contestants' criminally poor dishes.

On the Hunt

Chef-detectives Burrell and Flay are on the prowl for the worst culinary criminals in the country, and they'll stop at nothing to teach these offenders the keys to kitchen success.

Victim No. 1

Instead of being roasted until beautifully golden brown, this defenseless turkey was merely charred on the outside and remained raw inside, thanks to the work of a helpless kitchen novice.

Accidents Happen

Showing off her latest kitchen casualty with a bandaged hand and torn shirt, Carla Johnson proved that even a simple kitchen chore like manning the everyday hand mixer can be a dangerous job.

Pasta Sauce Made Pink

Although pasta is known for its delicious versatility, it's likely best to stay away from the Italian classic when it's finished with a topping that looks more akin to a creamy antacid than a sauce.

Unacceptable to Chef Anne

During the photo shoot, Chef Anne stopped to pose with an excessively charred spatula, the likes of which won't cut it on her ultra-competitive Red Team in Boot Camp.

Cooking With Fire

After a minor incident involving flaming food, Aadip Desai proves that he's still no worse for wear in the kitchen.

Nuggets and Pie: Better Together

In perhaps the ultimate combination of sweet and savory, one recruit used breaded chicken nuggets to top a creamy baked pie.

Snack Time

Although it took several takes to wrap Chet Pourciau's chip-and-cheesy-dip scene, he didn't have to eat an entire snack each time the director yelled, "Action!" Lucky for him there was a trash bag located just off camera.

Rolling Forward

In this all-new season, Chef Bobby is determined to finally bring Worst Cooks success to the Blue Team after Chef Anne's Red Team has claimed the winning title three years in a row.

Just Add Chips

Brimming with a bubbly concoction of a slew of questionable ingredients, this cheese dip congealed to the texture of pudding in hardly any time at all.

Two vs. One

In the interrogation room, Chefs Anne and Bobby don't go easy on Alina Bolshakova and have only the harshest criticism for that whole fish she's prepared.


The scene in the kitchen turned messy as Michael Haydin tried to pull off a simple pasta with sauce.

Feeling Green

Studded with cereal and candy, this chunky green pudding garnered confused stares and questioning glares from Chefs Bobby and Anne.

No Time to Match

In keeping with her style, Chef Anne sported a pair of glossy red clogs and colorful mismatched socks to the photo shoot. "My socks never match because I have a lot better things in my life to do than match the 5,000 different little socks that I have, and so it's like, grab two and go," she's told us. "As long as my feet are covered, it's fine with me."

Flour Power

For Crystal Lonneberg, a whole-body coating of flour is enough to leave her stopped in her tracks.

Culinary Offenders

These are just a few of the recruits who will join Chefs Anne and Bobby in Boot Camp on an all-new season of Worst Cooks in America, premiering Sunday, February 17 at 9pm/8c.

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