Board Appetit

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Ode to Mustard Sandwich Board

Condiments are key to bringing out the best in many foods. This sandwich board highlights the versatility of mustard — it flavors the herby egg salad and adds the final touch to ham and Brie on crusty baguette.

Charcuterie Lunch Board

We take self-love to a new level, demonstrating that charcuterie boards can be a solo show you're worthy of too! We pair one easy side--a Dijon chickpea salad with kale--with simple charcuterie board bites that can be eaten next to (or piled with) the chickpeas. It's a quick and easy way to prep lunch--leaving more time to indulge. Plus, with a cute bento-style lunchbox, it is easily totable to whatever you have on tap for the day; this lunch is great for a picnic in a park or for packing for a day of work.

Friendsgiving Cornucopia Board

Friendsgiving is a fun tradition worthy of indulging in — aim for a freewheeling potluck atmosphere so you can go deep on appetizers, finger foods and dips artfully arranged across a table. A festive charcuterie board takes the guesswork out of pairing by letting everyone choose their own adventure — whether that's roasted sweet potato rounds topped with turkey and a dollop of cranberry for the perfect holiday bite, or a classic pairing of sharp Cheddar and fresh apple.

Laid-Back Holiday Brunch

If the words “brunch buffet” make you think of rubbery scrambled eggs and mini boxes of cereal, forget the horrors of hotels past. We're reclaiming the AM buffet for the holidays and turning it into an elegant board of small bites — a tradition that Skylar loves to do with my own family! Gooey croque monsieur skillet dip is a fantastic anchor for a French-accented spread. It serves as the centerpiece among other morning favorites such as pain au chocolat, babka and various pastries, creamy French-style scrambled eggs and fresh fruit.

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