Safeway FreshPass™ is Your One-Way Ticket to Grocery Shopping Bliss

Get unlimited free grocery delivery and exclusive discounts and perks from Safeway.

You know that sense of dread that sets in when you have a moment of grocery shopping panic? We've all been there. Maybe you forgot that your in-laws are coming over for dinner and you need company-worthy groceries at your doorstep, stat. Or maybe it's Sunday morning and you realized that your whole crew is showing up for game day and it’s your kid's turn to bring class snacks on Monday. Or you're rushing to a client meeting and remember that it’s your mom’s birthday and need flowers delivered ASAP. With unlimited free delivery, a wide variety of groceries, exclusive discounts and perks, and a $5 monthly credit for annual subscribers* Safeway FreshPass™ subscription program is your one-way ticket to grocery shopping bliss.

BONUS FOOD TIP: Don't forget the organic veggie sticks and fruit for your little one's class snacks or to sate your own midday snack cravings! And for an irresistible veggie dip, try mixing Greek yogurt with a packet of ranch seasoning for a healthified take on a classic that’s sure to get kids to eat their veggies.



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With Safeway FreshPass™ you can have groceries, a freshly baked cake and a centerpiece-ready flower arrangement delivered to your door, freeing up time and headspace to actually enjoy preparing a meal for guests (with time to spare for freshening up, too). With unlimited free two-hour delivery in many areas, you're a few taps away from stocking up on organic snacks for game day noshing, like that extra pack of chicken wings for your legendary air fryer wings, plus more chips and salsa for good measure (because you can never have too many chips and dip).

BONUS FOOD TIP: Order a rotisserie chicken or two while you're at it, and you've got dinner plus leftovers to add to wraps and salads for tomorrow's lunch.



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FreshPass™ subscribers also get access to irresistible perks, like an always available 5% discount on O Organics® and Open Nature® products, monthly Starbucks discounts (hello pumpkin spice latte) and exclusive culinary experiences. And for a limited time, annual subscribers get a $5 monthly credit, perfect for a treat yourself moment that’s guaranteed to spark joy. Best of all, your rewards don't expire! Have questions on your order or rewards redemption? There's a VIP customer service phone line that guarantees fast service from a dedicated support team.

BONUS FOOD TIP: Looking to treat yourself to a taste of fall at home? Order an extra can of pumpkin puree and try adding it to your morning smoothie, mixing it into black bean soup, or layering it into quesadillas, burritos or lasagna.

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Unlimited free grocery delivery plus exclusive perks and discounts all add up to seamless, stress-free grocery shopping. Whether you're shopping for a special occasion, organizing weeknight dinner prep or spontaneously stocking your pantry, FreshPass™ is your back pocket trick to saving time and money.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial to experience a more rewarding way to grocery shop.

*For full program Terms & Conditions click here.

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