Food Star Kitchen by the Numbers

We recently released a brand-new photo tour of Food Star Kitchen, complete with an exclusive look inside the massive arena in which finalists cook, mentors deliberate and journeys end week after week. Now, with the help of the Season 12 culinary producers, we're taking it one step further, revealing little-known details about what it takes to stock the space for competition and the multitude of ingredients the finalists can use. Read on below to get all the details.

9: Crew members on the culinary team

688: Approximate pounds of produce that arrived on set at the start of the season

20: Cast-iron pans and Dutch ovens stocked in the pantry

9: Kinds of rice in the pantry

34: Cutting boards at the ready

6,400: Approximate square footage of Food Star Kitchen

7: Kinds of vinegars available in the pantry

56: Nonstick pans available

35: Approximate kinds of serving ware, including plates, glasses and utensils, up for grabs

12: Shapes of pasta on set

10: Varieties of nuts available in the pantry

24: Kinds of cheeses on set

150: Approximate pounds of flour on set, which includes all-purpose, semolina and coconut varieties

13: Finalists competing to claim the most-coveted job in the culinary industry

2: Pro-chef mentors and Food Network icons leading the finalists in their journeys

1: Eventual winner of Food Network Star, Season 12

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