bloody mary

A popular cocktail made with tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and other seasonings. It was created in 1921 by Pete Petiot, bartender at Harry's New York Bar in Paris. The Bloody Mary came to the United States in 1933, when Petiot joined the St. Regis Hotel as head barman of its King Cole Bar. It's said that the name "Bloody Mary" alluded to Mary Tudor, Queen of England and Ireland, for her bloody persecution of Protestants. Today, you'll find Bloody Marys made with everything from rum to gin to tequila. Make it without liquor, and you have a Virgin Mary, also called a Contrary Mary.

From The Food Lover's Companion, Fourth edition by Sharon Tyler Herbst and Ron Herbst. Copyright © 2007, 2001, 1995, 1990 by Barron's Educational Series, Inc.

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