Pronunciation: [BRAHK-uh-flow-er]

Originating in Holland, this cross between broccoli and cauliflower looks like a light green cauliflower and has a milder flavor than either of its parents. The trademarked name broccoflower is owned by Tanimura and Antle, a California company. Choose a firm head with compact florets; the leaves should be crisp and green. Avoid any specimens with browning. Store unwashed tightly wrapped broccoflower in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Wash thoroughly just before using. Broccoflower can be cooked in any way suitable for cauliflower. This vegetable is high in vitamin C, folic acid and copper.

From The Food Lover's Companion, Fourth edition by Sharon Tyler Herbst and Ron Herbst. Copyright © 2007, 2001, 1995, 1990 by Barron's Educational Series, Inc.

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