sugar snap pea

Also called sugar pea, this sweet pea is a cross between the english pea and the snow pea. It's entirely edible—pod and all. Sugar snap peas are available year-round. Choose plump, crisp pods with a bright green color. Refrigerate in a plastic bag for up to 3 days. Sugar snap peas should be served raw or only briefly cooked in order to retain their crisp texture. See also pea.

From The Food Lover's Companion, Fourth edition by Sharon Tyler Herbst and Ron Herbst. Copyright © 2007, 2001, 1995, 1990 by Barron's Educational Series, Inc.

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Market Watch: Sugar Snap Peas

Most of the year I buy them frozen, but in late June the farmers’ market is overflowing with plump, bright green, sugar snap peas.

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