Haunted Halloween Milkshakes

These hair-raising Halloween shakes will satisfy your sweet tooth and shock your senses in equal measure.

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Spine-Tingling Sips

Satisfy every last one of your hedonistic sweets cravings with these sinfully decadent Halloween milkshakes.

Gravedigger Milkshake

What could be more terrifying than bone-white skeleton fingers creeping out of your milkshake?

To start, prepare the shake by mixing Neapolitan ice cream, milk and cookie wafers in your blender. Garnish the rims of your glasses with chocolate frosting, then roll the frosted rims in a mix of crushed chocolate wafers and Oreo cookie bits. Pour in the milkshake, top it with whipped cream and more "dirt," then add your skeleton hand and some jelly worms on top. To make the jelly worms, combine Jell-O, extra gelatin and heavy cream, then pour it into upright bendy straws and let sit until the mixture has set. Make the skeleton hand by piping white candy melts onto parchment paper.

Tip: Make sure the wrist and arm are thick enough to support the hand!

Witches' Brew Milkshake

To make this witchy milkshake, start by throwing some eye of newt and toe of frog into your blender.

Just kidding! A simple blend of milk and mint chocolate chip ice cream will do. But do garnish your glasses with a smear of green frosting covered with "newt eyes." Finish it off by sticking three witches’ fingers (pretzel rods covered with green chocolate and each topped with a sliced-almond "fingernail") into the milkshake, add some whipped cream, and top with sprinkles. Wicked.

Vampire's Kiss Milkshake

You’re going to vant to suck the last drop out of this creamy strawberry milkshake, we promise.

For the milkshake, blend together vanilla ice cream and pureed strawberries (1 cup strawberries mixed with 1 cup granulated sugar). Be sure to save some extra strawberry puree for the top and bottom of the glasses. Pour your milkshake, then top with whipped cream, pureed strawberry, gummy vampire fangs and strawberry gel-filled syringes. Be sure to drizzle some extra strawberry gel down the glass from the gummy fangs for maximum ghoulish effect.

Poisoned-Apple Milkshake

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? We think it's this creamy apple pie milkshake topped with a tempting black apple.

Made with vanilla ice cream, milk, apple pie filling, cinnamon and nutmeg, this caramel-apple milkshake tastes just like an apple pie. Simply add black food coloring to the caramel dipping sauce for a "poisoned" effect, then garnish both the inside and the outside of your glasses with any leftover sauce. Using real sticks in the caramel apples will make them even spookier.

Mad-Scientist Float

OK, let’s ignore the fact that this isn’t really a milkshake, because it's still over the top — literally. It overflows.

Your guests will think they've entered a mad scientist's lab when they see these fluorescent-yellow elixirs waiting for them in narrow-mouth flasks. Garnish the top of the flasks with frosting and sprinkles, plus ears, nose and teeth gummies, then spoon in some vanilla ice cream, top it off with Mountain Dew and watch the brew fizz over the top.

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