Bubba and Fobo from Food Network's Bubba-Q

Master of Barbecue

Born and raised in Texas with barbecue running in his veins, Bubba has turned his passion for the pit into a business of making custom-designed grills. He and his family have put down roots in Philadelphia, impressing Northerners with their jaw-dropping creations.

The Crew Behind the Q

Bubba took his love for the ‘cue to the next level, but he couldn’t do it all by his lonesome.

Grilling Central

Get inspired to grill with recipes for ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, seafood and even dessert.

About the Show

Bubba is a Texas-born, Texas-raised good ol' boy who lives and breathes Texas barbecue, but you won't find this grill master in the Lone Star State! Bubba and his family have taken Philadelphia by storm, wowing Northern folk with their over-the-top custom grill designs. There is no job too big and no idea too outrageous for Bubba and his crew, as the most unexpected items are masterfully transformed into jaw-dropping, fully functioning grills.

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