Pitching for Pay

Food Fortunes on the Line in All-New Series

Entrepreneurs must pitch food-focused concepts to A-list investors, like Pat LaFrieda Jr. and Willie Degel, who may fund top ideas.

Meet the Investors

From established restaurateurs and profitable business owners to no-nonsense executives, find out who will be deciding which future fortunes to fund.

About the Show

Walk in with an idea ... walk out with a fortune. In Food Fortunes, recipe developers, product makers and food visionaries have the opportunity to earn cold hard cash from four titans of the industry all looking to make lucrative investments. "Pitching the room," however, has a whole new meaning, as the only way to impress the investors is to win the approval of a panel of consumers. Will these inventors' ideas land flat, or will they go home with a food fortune? Investors include restaurateur Willie Degel, family business mogul and meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda Jr., and the billionaire owner of Planet Hollywood, Robert Earl.

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