When Life Gives You Lemons ...

This time on Restaurant: Impossible ... it's a new twist on the show you know and love. Robert's mission takes him just outside of Chicago, to Zest Bistro — a restaurant located INSIDE The Lemon Tree Grocer! For the first time in RI history, Robert has to fix both a restaurant AND a grocery store! Robert's first order of business — take off his chef hat and turn on his supermarket smarts! Best friends Shaun Black and Tim Canning combined their skills as a produce broker and a trained chef to open a gourmet grocery store with a full-service bistro inside. Four-and-a-half years later, both sides of the business are failing. One million, two million, nearly three million dollars later, the debts and the stakes are climbing sky high. Tim and Shaun spent years trying to set their store up for success, but it still wasn't working. With the help of a grocery expert, Robert teaches the young owners that nearly everything they thought they were doing right ... is wrong. Gourmet cheeses stationed next to the raw fish? Yech. Robert realizes that in addition to fixing the bistro, he will need to find the time and resources to reorganize the entire store to make it make sense to shoppers! The bistro, itself, is a whole other can of worms ... it was built as an afterthought and looks like it! Oddly separated from the market by strands of beads, the atmosphere is cold and uncomfortable. The challenge is to make the space warm, inviting and somehow compatible with the grocery store. With the bistro on track to get a full-on renovation and the grocery store, hopefully, getting a much-needed reorganization, there's one piece of the puzzle left to fix — the owners! Not only do Tim and Shaun disagree about basic ways to run the business, there's also Tim's wife, Jessica. About a year ago Tim asked her to jump on board at Lemon Tree but it has made Shaun feel like the third wheel. The friction between the two best friends is dragging down both sides of the business. Can Robert make peace among this headstrong threesome? Even more, can he give the bistro a more inviting feel, and make the grocer a place where the locals actually want to shop — all in just two days? If not, things could turn incredibly sour at the Lemon Tree. (Episode: IL1104ZH)

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