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  • At a bustling gourmet grocery store in New York, Scott and Connie prove that sometimes the least suspicious-looking people can make off with enough merchandise to leave their client in a real pickle.

  • To find security flaws in a family-owned grocery store in an affluent Long Island, N.Y., town, Scott and Connie pose as locals to see how much food they can openly consume and conceal without being stopped. After feasting in the aisles, they decide to see if they can push a full cart of groceries right past the unsuspecting cashiers without paying for them.

About the Show

Every day more than $25 million worth of goods are stolen from retailers — and food businesses top the list. In order to prevent this, stores hire security experts like Scott McDonald and Connie Ribble. Funny and fearless, cunning and comic, they can steal a store blind: all in the service of showing the owner where the security flaws are. Ultimately, they are making food businesses stronger, one heist at a time.

Meet the Hosts

Get to know Connie Ribble and Scott McDonald, the security professionals specializing in loss prevention who are featured on Thieves, Inc.

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