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Scott and Connie's Thief Tales

Scott McDonald and Connie Ribble, of Thieves, Inc., swap tales of thievery.

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  • In the quant village of Pelham, N.Y., a family-owned grocery store's meat theft problem is butchering their profits. And during a shoplifting sting, a thief gives Scott and Connie a run for their money.

About the Show

Every day more than $25 million worth of goods are stolen from retailers — and food businesses top the list. In order to prevent this, stores hire security experts like Scott McDonald and Connie Ribble. Funny and fearless, cunning and comic, they can steal a store blind: all in the service of showing the owner where the security flaws are. Ultimately, they are making food businesses stronger, one heist at a time.

Meet the Hosts

Get to know Connie Ribble and Scott McDonald, the security professionals specializing in loss prevention who are featured on Thieves, Inc.

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