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  • At the largest liquor store in the state of New Jersey, profits are being guzzled as fast as the booze. But it takes some particularly brazen shoplifters to show Scott and Connie how intoxicatingly serious the problem is at this discount alcohol store.

  • At a New Jersey restaurant supply store and chef's mecca, Scott and Connie really stir things up by attempting to steal an industrial size blender. Meanwhile, some crafty thieves reveal a few tricks of their own.

  • In the quant village of Pelham, N.Y., a family-owned grocery store's meat theft problem is butchering their profits. And during a shoplifting sting, a thief gives Scott and Connie a run for their money.

  • At an iconic candy store in New York's Lower East Side, shoplifting happens by the handful every day and the father and son owners don't think it's so sweet. But when Scott and Connie find colorful ways to distract the staff, their clients see for themselves how quickly small items can add up to much bigger losses.

About the Show

Every day more than $25 million worth of goods are stolen from retailers — and food businesses top the list. In order to prevent this, stores hire security experts like Scott McDonald and Connie Ribble. Funny and fearless, cunning and comic, they can steal a store blind: all in the service of showing the owner where the security flaws are. Ultimately, they are making food businesses stronger, one heist at a time.

Meet the Hosts

Get to know Connie Ribble and Scott McDonald, the security professionals specializing in loss prevention who are featured on Thieves, Inc.

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