Worst Bakers Extras

Duff vs. Lorraine

The show's mentors attempt a face-off, smack talk included.

Who's the Better Coach?

Recipes from the Show

Try your hand at the sweets and treats from the challenges.

Mentors' Recipes and More

Take the Baking Quiz

Find out where you'd place on the spectrum from worst to best.

Do You Belong in Boot Camp?

Baking for Beginners

Ingredient Guide

Intimidated by the baking aisle? Here's a primer on the goods.

Pantry Staples 101

Equipment Essentials

You can't bake a cake if you don't have the right tools.

What You Need, in Pictures

Meet the Mentors

For the first time, 12 of the worst bakers will be drafted into the most-intense baking Boot Camp imaginable. Under the watchful eyes of Chef Duff Goldman and Chef Lorraine Pascale, these kitchen fakers will have just six weeks to turn into expert bakers. Only two recruits will be left standing in the finale, where they must win over a panel of baking experts in order to leave with $25,000.

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