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Marc Summers covers the sweeter things in life on Unwrapped and as a host and judge of Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

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  • Unwrapped

    Today, Unwrapped is waking up early with the best brunch has to offer! Get off to a sweet start with Hostess Donettes, and see how Sunkist Naturals is changing traditional orange juice into a smoothie! Next, millions of people get their morning coffee at Starbucks every day. Find out how they keep the hot stuff flowing! Grape-nuts don't have grapes or nuts inside! We'll show you how Post makes 'em, then we're heading over to Schwan's to try a new frozen breakfast sandwich. Later, bagels are popular day and night, but what'll you watch how Bruegger's bagels hit the oven before dawn!

  • Unwrapped

    Grab a bowl of popcorn and check out these film favorites! First, movie goers are no strangers to frozen snacks, but Dibs are a new way to enjoy ice cream at the theater. Then, Goobers and Rainsinettes are cinema classics -- but did you know they're related? And popcorn is a must-have, whether you're cozying up at home or waiting in line at a premier. We'll show you some secrets behind both the home-cooked and theater-popped varieties! Up next, Cookie Dough Bites are a sweet treat from previews to credits, and if you'd rather have a whole meal at the theater, stick around to see the Movie Tavern!

  • Unwrapped

    Join host Marc Summers for a full hour of cookies. Find out how animal crackers, sugar cookies and ginger snaps are made. Get a bite out of a spicy cookie called sparks, a jelly filled Pepperidge farm treat. Then see how cookies are combined into ice cream and candy. Plus, take a look at how the world's largest cookie is created and discover how chocolate chips and fortune cookies come together

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