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Marc Summers covers the sweeter things in life on Unwrapped and as a host and judge of Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

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    Head to the All-American diner with Unwrapped for Berres Brothers coffee, mini creamers at White Wave Foods; Aunt Jemima hotcakes, Bilinski sausage, Lodge cast iron cookware plus Jersey's own Jefferson diner.

  • Unwrapped

    Get ready for a mouthful of marshmallow! Today we've got plenty of sticky stories about the white stuff. First, remember Snoballs? Find out how Hostess covers these creamy cakes and discover the fluffy favorite inside every box of See's Candies. Then, we visit Torani's to learn how you can drink a toasted marshmallow in the form of a delicious gourmet syrup. And see how Plush Puffs makes a monster-sized mallow. Plus, follow millions of Moon Pies through the factory. Finally, find out the secret to filling one of America's favorite marshmallow candies, the Mallo Cup. Those and more gooey stories are on Unwrapped!

  • Unwrapped

    Get ready to wave the flag for this episode of Unwrapped! Today, we're going back in time with America's first soda pop and the first sliced bread! Then, Nestle settles some bets about Baby Ruth, and Five Guys have a fresh take on the old classic: hamburgers. Later, Ho-Hos have been around since 1967, and you might be surprised which all-American football city eats the most! Plus, a visit to Colonial Williamsburg proves eye-opening. Find out how coffeehouses have (or haven't) changed since the 18th century!

  • Unwrapped

    Fire up the barbeque and get grilling with Unwrapped! First up, we'll see how KC Masterpiece transforms tomato paste and molasses into a mouth-watering sauce, then head over to B&G Foods where they're baking up thousands of pounds of beans using brick ovens! Next, you can have barbecue anywhere, anytime with Bar-B-Q Fritos. Cookshack Smokers serves up home-use smokers for backyard cooks, and Sadler's Smokehouse supplies premium smoked meat for barbecue enthusiasts who crave the flavor without the hard work! Later, we take a trip to the legendary Big Bob Gibson's to sample their award-winning barbecued pork!

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