50 Grocery-Store Products Chefs Love (100% Unpaid Endorsements)

Check out the brands chefs can't live without. 


"I am so snobby about Hellman's mayonnaise. It has that pure flavor and none of the off-putting vinegary-ness."

Ree Drummond — The Pioneer Woman


"For many sauces, there is room for innovation. But when it comes to ketchup, Heinz is a classic that I just wouldn't want to mess with."

Alex Garcia — A.G. Kitchen, New York City

"I love La Baleine sea salt so much, I use it at home and in the restaurant. It has a great texture that makes it easy to sprinkle consistently out of your hand."

Ben Pollinger — Oceana, New York City


"What Thai chefs prize in coconut milk is the cream (aka coconut oil). Chaokoh coconut milk is the richest and creamiest."

Jet Tila — Oceana, New York City

"My go-to for a weeknight supper when I have no time to shop are Angelo Parodi Portuguese sardines. They're great in pasta, on a sandwich or in a salad."

Mary Sue Milliken — Border Grill, Los Angeles


"I love to eat Kettle Brand potato chips with mashed California avocados, extra-virgin olive oil, fresh lemon from my tree and sea salt."

Susan Feniger — Border Grill, Los Angeles


"Temp Tee whipped cream cheese is just so light, fluffy and delicious."

Josh Capon — Lure Fishbar, New York City


"I'm crazy about Georgia Olive Farms olive oil because it's green, bright, fruity and from my home state."

Alton Brown — Cutthroat Kitchen


"The Rolls-Royce of cornbread mixes is Jiffy corn muffin mix."

Sunny Anderson — The Kitchen


"Muir Glen organic tomatoes are some of the best tomatoes you can buy in a can. They come diced, whole and crushed. My favorite are the fire roasted; they're an easy way to add flavor to whatever you're cooking."

Jenn Louis — Lincoln Restaurant, Portland, OR