Top Moments from the Academy
Top Moments from the Academy

See how Natasha, under mentor Robert's tutelage, transformed from an underdog to a $50,000 victor.

Elevated to New Heights
Elevated to New Heights

By reinventing shrimp and grits, Natasha cooked a trophy dish.

Quiz: Are You an All-Star?
Quiz: Are You an All-Star?

Take the quiz to see where you'd place in the Academy.

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Inside the Academy
Eat Like the Show's Mentors

In the mood for a burger or a taco? Find out what these chefs like to eat in their downtime.

America's Best Home Cooking
Everyday Essentials

Get a lesson in the tricks you can use in the kitchen; learn knife skills, how to make pasta and more.

About the Show

Home cooks from across the country are paired up with some of Food Network's biggest names — Alex Guarnaschelli, Andrew Zimmern, Curtis Stone and Robert Irvine — in the culinary competition All-Star Academy. Each home cook, with the guidance and support from his or her Food Network mentor, competes in intense culinary challenges. One by one, the home cooks are eliminated by special guest professors who determine which dishes are not up to par. One home cook will be left standing, winning bragging rights and a $50,000 grand prize.

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