Comeback Kitchen

Exclusive: Martita Makes a Comeback
Exclusive: Martita Makes a Comeback

According to Valerie, Martita is simply "a natural." Hear from the winner in a new one-on-one interview.

Top Finale Moments
Top Finale Moments

Rivals experienced a live audience and the terror of the Dials of Doom.

Behind-the-Scenes Antics
Behind-the-Scenes Antics

Get an insider's look at the making of the show with the cast and crew.

The Latest from the Race for Redemption
The Early Days of Stardom
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The Winner's Rivals

For Martita, the end of this contest signals the start of another, as she goes on to battle these 12 hopefuls on Food Network Star.

Meet the Hosts

It's up to Tyler and Valerie to not only mentor the first-ever cast of Comeback Kitchen, but also to ultimately find who among the group is worthy of joining the Food Network Star, Season 12 finalists.

Vote for Your Favorite Star Moment

Look back on defining events from past seasons of competition, and choose your all-time top pick.