Most-Outrageous Moments Ever Witnessed
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Most-Outrageous Offenses Ever Witnessed

Browse photos of the craziest things ever filmed on the show, like a lobster thief and a bar-side dating service run by a waitress.

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  • After receiving numerous complaints from his staff that his recently promoted head waiter is not evenly distributing the pooled tips, the general manager of D'Cache restaurant in Los Angeles contacts Charles Stiles and the Mystery Diners to help him discover if there is any truth to the rumor. Mystery Diners Destiney and Grant go undercover to discover what this waiter has up his sleeve.

  • When a lack of employee harmony threatens his restaurant, Vic, owner of Colombo's Italian Steakhouse in Eagle Rock, Calif., contacts Charles for help. Mystery Diners Grant and Shelby go undercover and discover the "Employee of the Month" title has created a cutthroat competition amongst the staff.

  • Kristy and Sarah, owners of Moviesets in New Orleans, are concerned about theft at their prop house-turned-event center. Charles sends in Mystery Diners Rob and Ingrid to book a wedding reception and they discover more than one event is taking place.

  • After finding broken dishes is his trash on numerous occasions, Nader, who owns My Greek and Italian Restaurant in Tacoma, contacts Charles to investigate. Mystery Diners Brianna and Nadine go undercover and discover someone on the staff is getting carried away with Greek traditions.

  • Gary and Tony, co-owners of Big & Little's Restaurant in Chicago, contact Charles after hearing rumors that employees are illegally selling alcohol to customers at their B.Y.O.B. restaurant. Mystery Diners Siera and Destiney go undercover and discover a mobile liquor store parked on the street.

  • After noticing numerous discrepancies with the catering company she uses to cater her art shows, Patricia contacts Mystery Diners for help. Charles sends in Jamie and Brianna and discovers an even bigger problem with the assistant curator.

  • When Rod and Linda, owners of a la carts Food Pavilion in Portland, Ore., hear complaints from their tenants about the new onsite manager, they contact Charles to investigate. Mystery Diners Amber and Joshua go undercover to see if the grievances are valid.

  • Marko and Brett own competing food trucks in San Diego, but put aside their differences to investigate revenue loss in both of their vehicles. Charles sends in Mystery Diners Seth and Corinne, who discover that their employees are turning a friendly competition into an all out war.

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  • Philippe, owner of Chapeau! in San Francisco, contacts Charles to investigate complaints that his wait staff is rude with customers. Mystery Diners Kiel and Brianna go undercover and discover an even bigger problem.

  • After noticing excess lobster meat and an increase in mileage, Peter, owner of the Roll'n Lobster Food Truck in Los Angeles believes his new drivers are using his vehicle for personal errands. Charles sends in Mystery Diners Shelby and John to crack the case.

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When a restaurant owner suspects employees of not doing their jobs — whether it be stealing, lying, mistreating customers or generally doing lousy work — they call in the Mystery Diners. These Mystery Diners are undercover operatives who go into restaurants, bars and food-service establishments with hidden cameras to perform surveillance to find out what's really going on when the boss isn't around.

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