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Join Jeff at some of Chicago's best sandwich hot spots, then follow him into the kitchen, where he'll put his spin on signature creations.

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  • During Jeff's formative years as a Sandwich Prince, he worked at a deli working the meat slicer; his constant companions were corned beef, pastrami and lots of fresh rye bread. Classic deli fare really speaks to his sandwich soul and the folks at Fumare in Chicago's French Market know the language fluently. Jeff gets a tasty tour of some of Fumare's favorites, then heads home to put together his special take on that tart and cheesy creation, the Reuben. You can't be truly deli without coleslaw, so Jeff shreds up a fresh batch before slicing and stacking roast beef into a sandwich that reaches new heights of savory deliciousness. You want pickles with that?

  • Jeff's in culinary heaven today, when he brings together Italian food and sandwiches. After a lesson at Chicago's Ricobene's, Jeff makes The Comiskey, a breaded steak sandwich with a roasted red pepper sauce. He cooks up another Italian favorite in the Grilled Artichoke Sub, with fresh ricotta and a roasted garlic spread. The best side to these sandwiches is Jeff's Chicken Lemon Orzo Soup.

  • The po' boy is one of the greatest members of the sandwich pantheon, and Jeff Mauro knows exactly where to find the real deal in Chicago, so he heads to Poor Phil's to get up close and personal with their blackened catfish po' boy, then heads back to his own kitchen to whip up some down home classics of his own. He stuffs fat shrimp, battered and fried, into a crusty roll slathered with remoulade for his tangy authentic Shrimp Po' Boy, and pairs them with the cheesiest grits you've ever tasted. Then he finishes his tour below the Mason-Dixon with spicy Louisiana Hot Sauce Chicken Sandwich With Cajun Ranch Dressing. It's a show full of sandwiches that'll bring out the Southerner in everyone!

  • Jeff has never fished a day in his life, so he goes to Chicago's hottest seafood restaurant, Fish Bar, for his seafood sandwich fix. Inspired, he makes delicious Crab Cake Sliders with a blood orange aioli. And smoked salmon is the secret for his mouth watering SS B.L.T. And if that wasn't enough, his Cha Cha Chowder is a twist on the classic seafood corn chowder, served up party style in shooter glasses.

  • Yearly Mauro family trips to the sun and surf of coastal Mexico have left Jeff with a love of Mexican food. Jeff likes it all, but saves a special place in his "corazon" for tacos al pastor, or slow-roasted marinated pork. Jeff brings his Spanish-fluent brother Frank with him to his favorite state-side pastor joint to learn the secrets of this delectable meat from a master. He takes what he's learned back home and makes his own version of Tacos al Pastor with readily available ingredients, stirs up a smoky and spicy Roasted Salsa for his Lime Tortilla Chips, and finishes off with a classic Mexican Torta sandwich, featuring a breaded and fried steak cutlet topped by jalapenos and cool avocado slices.

  • Jeff explores his favorite Mexican food in Chicago, and, with best friend and cousin Joe, sets out to find the city's best burrito. Back in the kitchen, Jeff shows Joe his own take on the classic Mexican wrap.

  • Being the Sandwich King is a full-time job, and doesn't always leave Jeff time for romantic moments with his wife, Sarah. So he makes a beeline to see Chef Randy Waidner at Luxbar, a place that's figured out a way to mix the folksiness of sandwiches with the glamour of date night. Call in some classic luxury foods -- steak for mini crostini and fresh lobster on a home-baked hot dog bun -- and Jeff's ready to romance his wife at a candlelit table for two. But don't forget dessert: chocolate sandwiches with strawberries and toasted marshmallow.

  • Born and bred in Kentucky, Jeff's mother-in-law has Southern cooking in her bones, and she shows Jeff her master recipe for homemade biscuits, which Jeff uses as a jumping off point for some amazing twists on Southern classics for brunch; Biscuit and Sausage Gravy Sandwich with Southern Green Beans and The Derby, which features bacon, sliced turkey and a blue mornay sauce. For dessert, a Strawberry Shortcake layered with fresh whipped cream. Will this Southern meal get his mother-in-law's stamp of approval?

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  • Jeff's first kitchen inspiration came at the knee of his father, Gus, proving once and for all that Sandwich Kings aren't made, they're born. So Jeff goes back home to take part in a spring tradition in the Mauro family, a raucous improvised dinner using Easter leftovers. Inspired by the season and a bracing jolt of family, Jeff heads home to do it all over again, on bread. Baked ham takes a bow on sweet potato biscuits and "a little of this and a little of that" adds up to an eggy kitchen-sink frittata sandwich, paired with spicy hash browns. Leftovers never had it so good.

  • Jeff is starting off by making a Fried Egg and Oyster Sandwich served up with crispy pancetta on baked green tomatoes. Then it's a Tempura Poached Egg on an English Muffin with a Red Pepper Corned Beef Hash. And for a little something sweet he's making Red Wine Poached Pears filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with crushed granola.

About the Host

Jeff Mauro, winner of the seventh season of Food Network Star, now hosts Sandwich King and The Kitchen.

About the Show

Join Food Network Star Season 7 winner Jeff Mauro as he shares his passion for all things sandwiches. For Jeff, sandwiches are much more than something eaten between two pieces of bread, and you'll quickly see why he's fond of saying, "You can make any meal into a sandwich, and any sandwich into a meal."

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Join Food Network Star Season 7 winner Jeff Mauro as he shares his passion for all things sandwiches. For Jeff, sandwiches are much more than something eaten between two pieces of bread, and you'll quickly see why he's fond of saying, "You can make any meal into a sandwich, and any sandwich into a meal."

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