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Chefs cook in three rounds using mystery basket ingredients.
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Season 10, Episode 8

Ramp It Up

It's do(nut) or die as the chefs ramp up for the first round. Octopus challenges the chefs to come up with three very different entrees, but ultimately, it's all about the pastry as the final chefs face off to create a dessert that will save them from the chopping block.

Feb 27
9pm | 8c
Season 20, Episode 3

For the Love of Cod

Cod tongues cause conniptions as three earnest chefs struggle to defeat a cocky contender who promised to quit cooking forever if he doesn't take home the Chopped Canada prize. In the dinner round, Calves Liver and Cupcakes are a pairing for despairing. It's a battle to the end as both chefs choose choux pastry as a foil for a cheese filled dessert.

Apr 24
9pm | 8c
Season 20, Episode 4

The Young and the Timeless

Chefs stumble over simple ingredients when cheese puffs and chicken legs make an early appearance. In the entree round the canned version of an elegant seafood confounds, and one chef surprises us with a mobile pan-try. Ultimately, it's a fig of a time for the remaining to chefs as they struggle to transform corn dogs and prosciutto into a delectable dessert.

May 4
2pm | 1c
Season 20, Episode 8

Pressed for Ham

The chefs are hard pressed to impress in this appetizer round that combined canned ham and kohlrabi. Three remaining chefs give us something to "root" for when they combine bacon and bok choy. Ultimately one chef will "beet" out a victory with pound cake, candy and marjoram.

May 29
9pm | 8c
Season 20, Episode 9

Showdown at the Oka Corral

A fluffy sweet and a stiff drink raise the bar in the first round as a new mom and a chef school instructor set out to prove they've got what it takes in this episode of Chopped Canada. Organs and fruit make strange dinner partners in round two. A sweet treat and a smoked meat bring out fierce competition for the final prize.

Jun 6
12am | 11c
Season 20, Episode 12

Some Skin in the Game

The chefs each show they've got some skin in the game with some excellent uses of epiderm in the appetizer round. One chef attempts the im-pasta-ble in the entree course. The chefs mustn't flake out over dried mashed potatoes and fennel in the dessert round.

Jun 26
9pm | 8c
Season 30, Episode 1


The chefs are puzzled by the presence of a Middle Eastern ingredient in the appetizer round -- is it a noodle or a pastry? The entree round won't be a snap as they must pair monkfish with cocktail onions and a sweet treat. In the dessert round, it's a trip to Catalina as the chefs must figure out how to incorporate this dressing and tofu skin into a winning dessert.

Jan 15
9pm | 8c
Season 30, Episode 8

Steaking Their Claim

Frog legs and cookies get things hopping in the appetizer round, as these four chefs face off. Cherry cheesecake raises the "steaks" in round two as one chef finds a new and inventive use for a toaster! Ultimately, one chef is no "matcha" for the other as paneer and elderflower liqueur take center stage in round three.

Mar 6
12am | 11c
Season 30, Episode 13

Fire In the Hole

This sugar-filled episode starts the chefs' day off with an instant breakfast treat and maple butter in the appetizer round. Will one chef's dream of winning the $10,000 go up in flames? It's anyone's game as pheasant is paired with a chocolate candy treat and vanilla beans. It's a bit of a shell game, as one chef makes dollars from donuts in the dessert round.

Apr 9
11pm | 10c
Season 10, Episode 3

Food, Sweat and Tears

Things really heat up as four chefs tug at our heartstrings in this emotional episode of Chopped Canada. In the appetizer round, the competition tries not to choke on processed cheese and baked beans. The entree forces them to sharpen their skills with razor clams and hickory sticks. Another family favorite makes an appearance in the dessert round, finding one chef right in his comfort zone.

Apr 24
12pm | 11c
Season 10, Episode 11

The Sweet Taste of Success

This candy filled episode pits Quebec chefs against Ontario chefs in a heated battle for Chopped Canada Champion. Black licorice and candy coated chocolates cause sweet struggles in the first two rounds, while a basket of woodsy and spicy flavors turns things upside down when it comes time for dessert.

Jun 19
12pm | 11c
Season 30, Episode 5

Viewers' Choice: Land, Sea, Air

Fans across the nation weighed in with their ideas for these challenging baskets. In the appetizer round, prairie oysters and ketchup chips pop up as surprising choices from the land of plenty. Round two is a seaside surprise with gefilte fish and squid ink muddying the waters. The dessert round really takes flight as the chefs wrestle with how to make things with wings into a sensational sweet.

Aug 7
12pm | 11c
Season 10, Episode 5

Just Desserts

In this cavity-inducing episode of Chopped Canada, a different childhood sweet appears in each basket. Our four chefs must really dig deep as they look to marry candy and fish, duck and snack cakes and relish and graham crackers in this sweet episode.

Nov 6
12pm | 11c

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Armed with skill and ingenuity, chefs race against the clock to turn mystery ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal.

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Dean McDermott, actor, television personality and Gourmet Dad, opened his home to America during the six seasons of the hit show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, along with wife Tori Spelling. Born and raised in Toronto, Dean is the winner of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off , Season 2 and recently returned to his hometown to host the highly anticipated Food Network Canada series Chopped Canada .

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