Top Tips, Go-To Recipes and the Must-Have Bites
Everything You Love, Plus The Kitchen Sink

Top Tips, Go-To Recipes and the Must-Have Bites

When it comes to food hacks, no one does them quite like these guys. Learn their secrets for reinventing snack foods, and see how they create a rainbow of colorful smoothies ideal for morning sipping. Craving something sweet? They have easy how-tos for impressive cakes and cupcakes too.

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The Kitchen Sink is a fun-filled show dedicated to all things buzzy and exciting in food and cooking. With a rotating lineup of hosts from The Kitchen and special surprise guests, each episode focuses on a new theme and dives deep into food trends, kitchen hacks, cooking shortcuts and more. From cupcake techniques to culinary timesavers, it's everything food-obsessed AND the kitchen sink.

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