Chopped Canada

Chopped Goes Canadian

In the series from our neighbors to the north, four chefs must cook against the clock with mystery basket ingredients, but only one will become the Chopped Canada champion. Go behind the scenes.

The Original Competition

Chefs cook in three rounds using mystery basket ingredients.

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  • It's a battle of the wings in round one as the chefs jockey for a spot at the fryer and one chef's chicken is well underdone. There's a lot at stake when three chefs try to combine a traditional Japanese vegetable with a classic childhood snack. An ambitious dessert effort impresses the judges, but will it hold up?

  • The chefs are puzzled by the presence of a Middle Eastern ingredient in the appetizer round — is it a noodle or a pastry? The entree round won't be a snap as they must pair monkfish with cocktail onions and a sweet treat. In the dessert round, it's a trip to Catalina as the chefs must figure out how to incorporate this dressing and tofu skin into a winning dessert.

  • Some chefs draw a boudin blanc in the appetizer round, while calmer fish heads prevail in round two. Dessert makes the remaining two chefs holler for challah as they use this chewy bread as the basis for a za'atar filled dessert.

  • It's the war of the women as these four female chefs brave the baskets for a shot at $10,000. Chefs bring a "can" do attitude in the first round and salmon cakes abound. The entree round gets everyone's goat as they race to tenderize a tough piece of meat. It's a halva time for the remaining two chefs to transform a frozen breakfast treat into a winning dessert.

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  • A lunch lady, a dinner theater chef, a prodigal daughter and a small town cook with big city dreams battle to prove they are worthy of the title of Chopped Canada Champion. The chefs are dealt a slippery hand as they must work with smelts and smoky eel.

About the Show

Armed with skill and ingenuity, chefs race against the clock to turn mystery ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal.

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