Chopped Canada

Chopped Goes Canadian

In the series from our neighbors to the north, four chefs must cook against the clock with mystery basket ingredients, but only one will become the Chopped Canada champion. Go behind the scenes.

The Original Competition

Chefs cook in three rounds using mystery basket ingredients.

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  • Four chefs duke it out over pigs' ears and poblano peppers. We find out which chefs will rocket ahead when beef hearts and turkey breast appear together in the entree basket. It's a vegetable filled dessert round with a tree tomato, eggplant dip and carrot juice all standing in the way of the final victory.

  • Fans across the nation weighed in with their ideas for these challenging baskets. In the appetizer round, prairie oysters and ketchup chips pop up as surprising choices from the land of plenty. Round two is a seaside surprise with gefilte fish and squid ink muddying the waters. The dessert round really takes flight as the chefs wrestle with how to make things with wings into a sensational sweet.

  • It's a culture clash for these chefs as Italian soda, Thai noodles and Indian spice garam masala collide in round one. Frozen French fries and tuna steaks force the chefs to sharpen their knives in the entree round. It's time to harvest the prize in the dessert round as apples get the royal treatment in this fall flavored basket.

  • It's the war of the women as these four female chefs brave the baskets for a shot at $10,000. Chefs bring a "can" do attitude in the first round and salmon cakes abound. The entree round gets everyone's goat as they race to tenderize a tough piece of meat. It's a halva time for the remaining two chefs to transform a frozen breakfast treat into a winning dessert.

About the Show

Armed with skill and ingenuity, chefs race against the clock to turn mystery ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal.

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