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Alex Guarnaschelli and August share a special bond in the All-Star kitchen.

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When she's not busy judging Chopped and cooking at her New York City eateries, Alex is hitting up her favorite spots around the country.

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  • Alex's Day Off

    One of Alex's favorite meals is a decadent Sunday brunch. And no brunch is brunch unless you start by baking something. Alex's coffee cake fills her entire home with the sweet smell of cinnamon and the promise of big warm slab of cake. Then Alex shows us how to make the prefect herb omelet and pairs it with vegetables - twisted little mushroom caramels tossed with vibrant spinach. To top it all off - a little magic trick - Alex makes homemade butter from milk and sour cream. A raspberry spritzer infused with mint adds a surprising fresh touch to the meal.

  • Alex's Day Off

    Alex brings the grill inside. Mussels tossed on the grill and stuffed with savory breadcrumbs are brightened with a splash of lemon. A yogurt-marinated chicken slathered with pungent harissa teams up with grilled radicchio in a honey glaze. Plus, Alex's take on the grape spitzer-gorgeous and super refreshing.

  • Alex's Day Off

    Every once and awhile on Alex's day off, she gets the urge to indulge her sweet tooth. To start, Alex makes chocolate cupcakes with a layer of the decadent chocolate frosting just dropped on top. Plus, a chewy macaroon flavored with a little bit of tangy lemon. Every dessert party needs some fireworks, so Alex serves up a classic bananas foster -- it's dramatic and delicious. With a twist on coffee, Alex adds a frozen coffee granita to the menu to cut through all of the sweetness.

  • Alex's Day Off

    Alex believes food tastes so much better when it's enjoyed with friends AND when it's easy to put together. Alex starts with a delicious beef filling for her burritos by marinating skirt steak in way too many peppercorns. And for something to chill down your mouth, Alex pops wedges of iceberg lettuce into the freezer and pulls them out at that perfectly cool temperature. Each wedge is slathered in a champagne vinegar dressing. For dessert a simple Crème caramel, that is cool and caramel-y without being too sweet or heavy. It's a light and naughty dessert.

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A frequent Chopped judge and a mentor on All-Star Academy, Alex also regularly competes on Iron Chef America. More

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