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Chef Guarnaschelli: Knife Kit

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli discusses the tools in her knife kit.

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Alex led the team from the East and took her last remaining cook, Christina, to the finale, where Christina came in second place after a near-perfect performance.

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  • Alex's Day Off

    Alex takes the everyday meal and makes it special. Alex shows us how easy it is to blacken salmon. And she serves it with the most perfectly seasoned basmati rice and baked squash topped with browned butter. To finish up, a delicious citrus pomegranate dessert topped with a spectacular baked meringe.

  • Alex's Day Off

    Alex is tackling an old favorite - brisket. With a few simple steps she takes your grandmother's brisket and gives it a full update with the first spring vegetables. Still fork tender, this brisket gets a chef-y topping of gremolata, then it’s laid over a bed of airy couscous. For dessert, a warm olive oil grape cake that is slathered in a sweet honey topping and fresh grapes.

  • Alex's Day Off

    These French Bistro dishes are inspired by Alex's years spent in Paris working as a chef. It starts with a Croque Madam - a creamy béchamel sauce gets drizzled over melted parmesan and ham. Then the sandwich gets topped with a fried egg. To cut through that heavy sandwich dream, Alex makes a wilted spinach salad topped with bacon and a tangy vinaigrette. Then she poaches shrimp in a secret cauldron of bay leaves, lemon, peppercorns, and Tabasco. The shrimp come out poached with a hint of all those flavors. To top it off - the French 75 - a classic bistro cocktail and the kick you'll need for this Bistro inspired meal.

  • Alex's Day Off

    Today, Alex is all about the little bites: hors d'oeuvres. She starts with pork spare ribs just glazed with a gooey soy and vinegar sauce that create the kind of finger licking you just need a million napkins for. Next, Chinese noodles mixed with a tangy dressing and topped with vibrant scallions. Alex calls this next dish her "oceanic french fry" -- fried squid and topped with a tangy lemon sauce. Plus, tender spears of asparagus blanched and tossed with sesame oil and sesame seeds. It's nutty, earthy, crunchy, and fresh.

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A frequent Chopped judge and a mentor on America's Best Cook, Alex also regularly competes on Iron Chef America. More

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