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Duff guides you through the maze that is "sweets terminology" with his episodic Dufftionary.

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Want to eat at a restaurant featured on Sugar High? Now you can.

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  • Ace of Cakes

    What do Girl Scouts, space-age office chairs and a Louisiana plantation home have in common? They are the cakes of the week at Charm City Cakes..

  • Ace of Cakes

    Charm City Cakes is home to its first proposal ever captured on camera. A couple arrives from Ohio and the groom-to-be pops the question with a giant fortune cookie cake. Ben makes a spot-on replica of an anesthesia machine for a bunch of anesthesiologists, and Anna creates an Edgar Allan Poe-themed cake to celebrate the birthday of Mary Alice's favorite Baltimore restaurant.

  • Ace of Cakes

    The cake crew creates the Philadelphia Eagles stadium for a bar mitzvah accompanied by Swoop, the Eagles mascot. Elena also creates a breathtaking replica of a Nikon Camera and the bakery attends a gala party for Make a Wish.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Anna and the bakery staff create a memorable Antarctic birthday cake. Katherine brings a French children's book classic to life, and then there's the bobble head baseball pitcher designed by Elena.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Chef Duff is asked to make his tallest statue ever... an Egyptian Pharaoh for a stage show. But can they even pick it up to load it into the van? Lauren and Duff perform a high-flying act and the staff of Charm City Cakes takes on the ultimate challenge... making a cake, live on stage, in 45 minutes. It all seems possible, until Katherine forgets one important ingredient.

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  • Ace of Cakes

    Duff and Geof are invited to make a BBQ Grill cake for King of the Hill s season finale plus a replica of a school locker for a Sweet 16 party and a replica of Du Pont Circle in Washington, DC.

  • Ace of Cakes

    CCC has some killer cakes on the books this week with a haunted chapel w/zombie bride & groom. And it's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown cake, and a six-foot long replica of a Hershey Bar for Milton Hershey School's 100th Birthday.

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Ace of Cakes' Duff Goldman started cooking at four, when his mom caught him swinging around a cleaver while watching Chef Tell on TV. More

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Meet Chef Duff. Shaping cakes with drill saws and blowtorches, and staffing his bakery with fellow rock musicians, he's not your typical baker.

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