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The Baking Race Is On in Duff Till Dawn

In his new series, Duff judges exceptionally creative bakers who must build a cake after closing time in Duff's L.A. shop. On the line are bragging rights — and the golden whisk. Find out more.

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  • Ace of Cakes

    BACK TO THE FUTURE celebrates it's 25th anniversary reunion and stars Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd look on as Chef Duff unveils the ultimate DeLorean time machine made out of cake. But back at the bakery things seem a little crazy and Duff wonders if he's losing his mind... or maybe the Flux Capacitor is just on the fritz...

  • Ace of Cakes

    It's a testosterone-filled bakery as Tony Siragusa, Jason Cameron and the crew of DIY's MAN CAVES invades Charm City Cakes to outfit Duff with a new guy-themed basement. Duff, Elena and Geof road trip to the windy city to deliver a cake and wow the lovers of the independent music scene with some Baltimore rock.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Is the economic fate of the nation in the hands of a man who doesn't own a tie? It might be, when Duff is commissioned to do a cake modeled after the New York Stock Exchange AND the chef himself gets to ring the opening bell! Plus, Duff is honored to deliver a whisky celebration cake to the legendary James Beard House where he rubs elbows with the foodie elite and gets a peek at the world famous Beard kitchen.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Elena goes all out creating a cake of Han Solo frozen in carbonite while the entire bakery staff chips in to help mold a 70-plus pound chocolate likeness of the famous Civil War statue, Moment of Mercy. Duff checks out a new intern when musician Jewel stops by Charm City cakes and shows off her skills with fondant.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Charm City Cakes is bitten by the crossword bug as they concoct a living crossword wedding cake. Chef Duff and his decorators hob nob with celebrities as they participate in a star-studded USO gala ... and then deliver the cake to the everyday service men and women.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Charm City Cakes gets a visit (and performance) from the country rock trio The Avett Brothers, when they come to town on tour. Lauren pesters Geof to oversee her work on a crazy groom's cake, a band bus. And Duff gets an impossible deadline to make a cake to take to a TV set in Chicago ... and when Oprah calls, how can you refuse?

  • Ace of Cakes

    CCC gets its biggest cake challenge EVER when Duff and his bakery are commissioned to do a life-sized motorcycle groom's cake, complete with ignition! Plus, it's paired with a sky-high 10-tired photo cake for the same wedding. Will some motorcycle lessons help the bakery staff find their inner Ducatis?

  • Ace of Cakes

    Are you ready for some football? Duff and his bakery staff concoct an elaborate cake creation to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Monday Night Football and Duff gets to deliver the cake to Redskin's field on game day. Then, it's a fight to the finish as Chef Duff enters the cooking ring, and goes head to head with Iron Chef Michael Symon for control of the kitchen.

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  • Ace of Cakes

    Chef Duff melts down while making 85 cupcakes as part of the confection design for the New York Rangers' 85th anniversary opening night. Meanwhile, the other decorators are having their own troubles taking a knight cake to Medieval Times. Did anyone remember to bring the repair kit?

  • Ace of Cakes

    It's game show hysteria when Duff is asked to be a surprise guest on THE PRICE IS RIGHT. Creating three huge cakes to be featured on the show, Duff and his staff hit the road, driving the cakes across country and then dive into a behind-the-scenes game show adventure with host Drew Carey. Will someone get to win Baltimore's famous chef in the final showcase?

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Ace of Cakes' Duff Goldman started cooking at 4, when his mom caught him swinging around a cleaver while watching Chef Tell on TV. More

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