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Go behind the scenes as the crew visits the Hershey factory and school.

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Duff guides you through the maze that is "sweets terminology" with his episodic Dufftionary.

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  • Ace of Cakes

    BACK TO THE FUTURE celebrates it's 25th anniversary reunion and stars Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd look on as Chef Duff unveils the ultimate DeLorean time machine made out of cake. But back at the bakery things seem a little crazy and Duff wonders if he's losing his mind... or maybe the Flux Capacitor is just on the fritz...

  • Ace of Cakes

    Charm City Cakes concocts a gravity-defying pastry for Cirque du Soleil's big top troupe. Ben and Elena turn cake into animated Dummies and Duff does some culinary judging at the Eco-Ball.

  • Ace of Cakes

    CCC has some killer cakes on the books this week with a haunted chapel w/zombie bride & groom. And it's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown cake, and a six-foot long replica of a Hershey Bar for Milton Hershey School's 100th Birthday.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Mary Alice gets her party on at a Parrothead Mardi Gras fundraiser while Katie logs hours decorating an intricate purse for a surprise birthday. Duff and Geof work on a Wizard of Oz hot air balloon and an equestrian cake. Plus, a cake to be delivered by private plane to a unknown customer.

  • Ace of Cakes

    This week's cakes feature a gondola in Venice and a pizza pie full of Italian monuments with a gangster theme. The bakery is overrun with the usual craziness of stormtroopers, dog walkers and cake orders. And Geof responds when the pasta machine that drives everyone crazy suddenly goes missing.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Elena tunes up her music skills by making a unique bass guitar for a client with a special story. Erica is overwhelmed with the challenges of doing a cake for the Mummers in Philadelphia and Duff, Geof and Mary head up to New York to celebrate the Yankees new stadium and meet some very big names in baseball.

  • Ace of Cakes

    Duff suits up to do battle as he and Ben whip up the craziest video game star ever... the Big Red Squig... and meet some uber gaming fans. Geof's Pinto cake starts leaking fluid on its delivery run and Katie has trouble seeing straight as she does a cake for a video tribute at the Contemporary Museum. Geof clues us into the traits that make us his crack cake delivery staff and spatulas go flying as Video Duff goes to war, onscreen, against his nemesis, the flesh-eating Squig.

  • Ace of Cakes

    This week Mary Alice is a nervous wreck trying to keep everything straight without spilling the beans - a bride and groom have BOTH ordered surprise cakes for each other on the day of their rehearsal dinner. Ben and Elena work on a huge Humpty Dumpty bridal shower cake and the bakery staff muses on the consequences of National Egg Day.

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  • Ace of Cakes

    Chef Duff melts down while making 85 cupcakes as part of the confection design for the New York Rangers' 85th anniversary opening night. Meanwhile, the other decorators are having their own troubles taking a knight cake to Medieval Times. Did anyone remember to bring the repair kit?

  • Ace of Cakes

    It's game show hysteria when Duff is asked to be a surprise guest on THE PRICE IS RIGHT. Creating three huge cakes to be featured on the show, Duff and his staff hit the road, driving the cakes across country and then dive into a behind-the-scenes game show adventure with host Drew Carey. Will someone get to win Baltimore's famous chef in the final showcase?

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Ace of Cakes' Duff Goldman started cooking at four, when his mom caught him swinging around a cleaver while watching Chef Tell on TV. More

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