Cooking from the Pantry

Pantry-Raid Recipes
Pantry-Raid Recipes

Make flavor-packed minestrone, chili and more using only nonperishable pantry ingredients.

Last-Minute Pantry Apps
Last-Minute Pantry Apps

Turn kitchen standbys into company-worthy snacks. 

Pantry Checklist
Pantry Checklist

Having a well-stocked pantry and fridge is like money in the bank.

Best Pantry Recipe Ideas
Pantry Tips and Tricks
Secret Ingredient: Canned Goods

Crack one open for a meal that's as easy as it is inexpensive.

Family-Friendly Pantry Recipes

Using pantry staples, whip up a nostalgic treat or a sweet breakfast.

Stock Your Pantry On a Budget

Slash your grocery bill without driving yourself crazy or shuffling coupons with these versatile, easy-on-the-wallet staples.

Shop for a Paleo Pantry
invalid link: /content/food/healthy/articles/t/the-healthy-pantry.html The Healthy Pantry
The Healthy Pantry

It’s easy to throw together a healthy meal when your pantry is stocked with nutritious staples like beans and canned tomatoes.

  • invalid link: /content/food/healthy/articles/t/the-healthy-pantry.htmlMake Over Your Pantry