Quick Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Total Time:
12 min
2 min
10 min

10 to 12 servings


In a standing mixer fitted with a whisk, mix together sugar and butter. Mix on low speed until well blended and then increase speed to medium and beat for another 3 minutes.

Add vanilla and cream and continue to beat on medium speed for 1 minute more, adding more cream if needed for spreading consistency.

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    This was a great recipe. I am tired of making buttercream that's overly sweet and overpowering. This recipe was perfect. I didn't have whipping cream so I submitted milk and it was still good. Great texture, too - I was able to pipe different patterns onto a batch of cupcakes with ease. I think this is my new staple buttercream recipe.
    I don't recommend substituting the cream for milk. I have done this in a pinch with no cream on hand, but it doesn't taste as good. Almost too sweet. I actually use a little more cream than it calls for, and beat it on high. It doesn't make it any more runny, as long as you beat it long enough to see it's the right consistency (just don't try that with milk). I've even used half a cup cream before, and used it on a vanilla cake with strawberry filling. It gave it a great strawberries and cream flavor, and was a huge hit! Don't add that much cream if you need it to crust though, because it won't. It gives it more of a whipped cream flavor, but thicker.
    I've also tried substituting some of the vanilla with other flavor extracts, with excellent results.
    WOW! Light, creamy, buttery and sweet. Not too buttery. I used it to frost cupcakes with a star tip and found the consistency easy to work with. Not only did they look pretty they but the kids loved it.
    I haven't tried it yet. but it sounds like the tastiest one out there.
    I used to decorate cake for a side line and This frosting is great... It's not "lily white" so it's perfect for dyeing - but even left as is looks fine. My new recipe for frosting.
    I read almost all of the reviews prior to making this recipe and some of them were not good. This is the first time I have ever made frosting from scratch and it was amazing! It was the best frosting I've ever had. I made it exactly how the recipe says and it was perfect. It does taste very buttery, but I liked it like that. Super easy and super yummy!!!
    Has anyone tried mixing in some strawberry preserves? If so, how was the flavor? Was it really runny because I want to pipe some decorations on it? How much did you use according to this recipe? And what type of cake would pair best with the strawberry vanilla frosting that I want to create?
    I've made this 3 times now and it has been delicious every time!
    Very simple and great taste! I followed the directions exactly, but one piece of advice, sift the sugar prior to adding it to the butter for a better consistency. Also, it is very sweet frosting so be sure to use a cake recipe that is not on the same sweetness level or you'll have an overwhelming flavor of sugar.  
    Does anyone know how long this last in the fridge?
    You need to use quality ingredients; Big Box or old sugar and/or butter will throw the taste. Better with some kind of flavor. I used a pinch of salt. Very soft, and will get softer the longer you whip it. I worked many of the bubbles out by stirring by hand after whipping. Next time I'll pack in the powdered sugar rather than loosely scoop it.
    I forgot: It's messy and I had to fuss over the initial mixing, which partly negates the ease of the recipe.
    The best buttercream frosting, I used lemon extract it was a hit.
    I am a novice baker. Are you supposed to taste/feel the icing sugar? I don't mean the sweetness, but the texture? Please help me out.
    No, it's supposed to be a creamy, uniform texture. I've had the same problem in the past and found it's a result of the butter being too cold and not creaming together well with the sugar. Make sure your butter is entirely room temperature and it'll work better. If it's cold in the kitchen, I also will microwave a bit of my butter till it's practically melted, then mix that with sugar and the room temperature butter.
    Plus make sure you are using confectioners' sugar and not regular sugar.
    This frosting really is very good. I guess three hundred and some people can't be wrong. Most every review raves about it. It is very important to use room temp butter and cream/milk. I think that is what made the difference. This frosting isn't gritty or anything like that. Give it a try......we just did and really enjoyed it.
    This an amazing frosting recipe! My husband likes lemon so instead of adding vanilla extract I added 2.5 teaspoons of lemon extract, i did double the recipe. I didn't have whipping cream so I subsisted milk and it turned out fine.
    This recipe is amazing! I hand whisked this and at first the butter and sugar did not mix well, which scared me off a bit (it's my first time making buttercream!), but i decided to just continue whisking it and it turned out so creamy and smooth. It tasted a bit too buttery for my liking so i added a whole lemon, and it tasted sooo delicious! I would recommend sifting the sugar first so that it would be better mixed. It's too sweet for some people but i love sweet and hence i love this recipe! (:
    Best vanilla buttercream frosting ever! Easy & delicious. Takes a bit of time to incorporate sugar into butter. Will try creaming butter first as suggested in other review. But if you are patient it does come together and makes an awesome frosting. Also going to try using salted butter next time because I like that salty sweet combo. I used 1 1/2 tbls. of whipping cream & consistency was perfect for frosting. Plenty of frosting for a 2 layer cake. 
    Perfect as is...the best buttercream I've made!
    Amazing recipe!!!!! I didn't have whipping cream so I made some, but the butter curdled. When it did, I just scooped it out. I didn't have any extra butter, however. Luckily I was using a high-fat milk so I used that. 
    The texture is really great and is good to use if you only have a handheld mixer.
    It is really good! Make sure your butter is at room temperature.?
    Always use this for my cupcakes! love it 
    AMAZING!! This is THE BEST butter cream I have ever come across. I did make an emergency substitution for the Cream (3/4c milk + 1/3 c melted, unsalted butter = 1 c heavy cream). I made this with the Vanilla Extract, and also with Watkins' Peppermint Extract. Both were simply delicious. I used a "whip" attachment on my mixer, and the frosting was light and fluffy. With my first batch, I did notice that I needed to mix it and scrape the bowl often in the beginning to incorporate the butter and sugar well. The second time, I used room temperature butter, and it incorporated much more quickly. This will be my "go to" from now on.
    Delish!! I will never go back to the premade stuff!! I used almond extract instead of vanilla, and it turned out crazy tasty!! :-)
    My favorite basic frosting. You can make different flavors from this frosting and they always turn out wonderful! I make 2 1/2 to 3 recipes per batch of cupcakes (but my peeps love lots of frosting). You can make vanilla bean by replacing the vanilla with 1-2 vanilla beans per recipe (depends on your taste?I use 2 per recipe). I've tried others, but so far they don't compare.
    Finally, an easy and perfect frosting recipe! I've tried many, and this is the one I will stick with. 
    I followed others' suggestions to whip the butter at room temperature very well before adding the sugar.  
    I tripled the recipe to fill and frost two 10" double layer cakes, and there were about 2 cups leftover.
    Loved this super easy, delicious recipe! I had no problems with the icing being too thin - - it was a perfect, creamy consistency & worked perfectly for a basic cake and decorations. I have even made it with cocoa powder & semi-sweet chocolate and it was fabulous!
    I did not like this frosting, I used it for my 4 yr olds birthday cake and was disappointed with the flavor. I will not make it again.
    The icing was so thin. I can't use this recipe for decorating. I followed the directions just as posted.
    This is a frosting used for filling and spreading. If you mean to have thicker icing for piping, wouldn't it have only have taken a moment to add more powdered sugar?
    i want to use this recipe and i was wondering if i can use with fondant?
    Perfect. There is no other word. It IS perfect frosting. I spread it on a red velvet cake.
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