Get Cast: How to Be on Food Network

Check back here regularly for information on how to become a contestant on Food Network shows, send in questions, request recipe rescues and more.

Now Casting for Baking Championship

Are you a passionate and experienced baker? With Spring coming, are you ready to make amazing fresh fruit tarts, delectable morning muffins and the season's best cakes and cookies?

If you have what it takes to out bake the competition, then Food Network wants to hear from you for an upcoming new show.

Baking Championship (from the producers of Holiday Baking Championship) is a major showdown in which versatile bakers battle it out for a chance to win a big cash prize and the title of Baking Champion! 

To apply, please email us today at and include:

  • Your city/state in the subject line. 
  • Your name, phone number, email address and occupation in the body of the email. 
  • A photo of yourself as well as a few photos of your most impressive baked goods.
  • A little bit about yourself and why you'd be perfect for the show.



Now Casting Season 11 of Food Network Star!

In search of those with a creative and unique food perspective!

Do you have what it takes to host your own show on Food Network?

If you have a captivating personality and believe you are at the top of your culinary game, we want to hear from you!

To apply, please visit us at

Can You Make the Cut? Or Will You Get Chopped?

Can you create a $10,000 meal out of our mystery baskets? Chopped is seeking college undergrads, master tailgaters and mother-in-law/daughter-in-law duos who are all amazing amateur cooks to compete on upcoming new episodes.

Ideally we are looking for contestants in the NYC Tri-State, Chicago, Seattle and Miami areas.

  • Undergrads: Do you live and breathe school spirit? Are you known for being a master in the kitchen and creating gourmet meals out of the random ingredients in your mini-fridge?
  • Tailgaters: Are you making spreadsheets of your menu days before the game? Are you the king or queen of pre-game food?
  • Mother/Daughter-in-Laws: Rally your family pride, combine your skills and compete as a team! 

If you qualify for one of these categories, please apply ASAP:

Now Casting Guy's Grocery Games

Food Network's hit show, Guy's Grocery Games, is casting for upcoming seasons and giving you the chance to win up to $20,000! This fast-paced culinary competition puts talented chefs and professional cooks to the test in the ultimate supermarket-themed showdown.

To navigate the aisles of this high-pressure competition, you’re going to need clever cooking solutions and supermarket savvy. From shopping on a budget to substituting out-of-stock ingredients, contestants will have to race against the clock to survive.

If you make your living in a professional kitchen and think you have what it takes to be the last chef standing, then Guy Fieri is ready to put you to the test!

To apply, please email us:

**Please put your city/state in the email subject line.**

In the email body please provide your name, phone number, your current title of occupation, a description of your culinary background, a recent photo of you, 3-4 photos of dishes you have created and why you think you have what it takes to win!

For more information please visit

Now Casting Chefs for Beat Bobby Flay

Do you have what it takes to compete against Bobby Flay?

Do you have an iconic dish that could take him down?

To apply, please visit

Now Casting Fitness: Impossible

Robert Irvine's newest mission is you! Is there a question you've always wanted to ask Chef Robert Irvine? How does he work on the road, stay in shape, keep positive and help others? Have you ever wanted to ask for his help with your life?

Now is your chance to get his advice for your own choices about food, health and fitness, family and life as a whole! All you have to do is follow the upload instructions below and send us a 2 minute video telling us about yourself. Include where you live, what you do and your question for Robert Irvine. Explain why you think you're in trouble and why Robert can help you. Robert will answer as many questions as he can and make you his next mission!

Go to:
Enter in your username as AskRobert
And your password as Irvine
Then, upload your video!

Now Casting Cutthroat Kitchen

Just how far is a chef willing to go to win a cooking competition? Cutthroat Kitchen hands four chefs each $25,000 and the opportunity to spend that money on helping themselves or sabotaging their competitors. Alton Brown, Embassy Row and the producer of Top Chef are seeking professional chefs with the talent, personality and appetite to compete for up to $25,000.

To apply online, visit Filming requires just two to three days' commitment if selected (subject to change). You must be a legal U.S. resident to be cast.

Now Casting Decadent Home Cooks

Food Network/Cooking Channel are making a new show highlighting decadently delicious family dishes. Is Grandma's lasagna so ooey-gooey good that just the thought of it puts on five pounds? Are Dad's glazed babybacks putting a hurtin' on your waistline? If you love your family's home-cooked foods but would like to leave Sunday dinner without having to unbutton your jeans, then you're the person we are looking for!

We want you to nominate someone in your family for a recipe makeover. We're looking for big, dynamic personalities who make unbelievably tasty dishes for a new series where the challenge is to make their dishes lighter, leaner, but just as flavorful. Submit a brief description of yourself, the person you are nominating and the dish that they make. Also include your favorite Food Network/Cooking Channel shows and personalities.

Apply Now

Restaurant Stakeout

Is your revenue not where you’d like it to be? Is your food getting rave reviews, yet your customer service struggling? Are your wait staff, managers and hostesses your biggest problem? If so, Willie Degel and Restaurant Stakeout are here to help.

To apply, send your email address and phone number, the owners' names, the name and address of the restaurant, and, optionally, pictures of or links for the restaurant to Restaurant must be have been open at least six months, be privately owned (non-chain), offer dinner service, have at least 35 seats and be located in Las Vegas, New York or New Jersey.

Now Casting Restaurants and Restaurant Owners

Is your restaurant one way and you think it should be another? Do you have partners, family or co-owners with differing visions for the restaurant? Maybe you are constantly back and forth with your family or longtime business partner about the way the restaurant should be run.

This is your chance to receive expert restaurant advice and a restaurant makeover!

If you are ready to make your restaurant a success, we want to hear from you.

To apply, please email us with the following: 

Phone number
Restaurant name and location
Name and job description of each person who has a significant role at the restaurant
Restaurant website
Current photo of those who own/work at the restaurant, photos of both the inside and outside of the restaurant
A short description of why you feel your restaurant is struggling and what you are hoping to change

For more information, please visit

Mystery Diners: Now Casting

Is your restaurant or bar NOT living up to its full potential? Need help rooting out a problem? Then Mystery Diners wants to hear from YOU!!!

Food Network is currently seeking independently owned restaurants/bars in Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, Los Angeles, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Owners must have strong, outgoing personalities and be ready to get down to the root of their problems.

If you would like to nominate your restaurant/bar please email us at:

Please put “RESTAURANT/BAR OWNER” in the subject line and include your FULL NAME, RESTAURANT/BAR NAME, LOCATION, REASON FOR SUBMISSION, NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES, PHOTOS OF YOU AND YOUR RESTAURANT/BAR (inside and out) and PHONE NUMBER. In order to be selected for Mystery Diners, you must own or work at the restaurant that you are filling out an application for.

Restaurant: Impossible

Hey restaurateurs: Empty tables? Dishes tired? Chefs grouchy? Front of the house upside down? Let Robert Irvine's next mission be your restaurant's rescue. Food Network's impossibly clever, creative chef will work makeover magic — in time for dinner.

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Tell Guy Where to Go

Do you have a favorite diner, drive-in or dive that Guy should visit? Send your suggestion now to: Don't forget to include your contact information!