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Find easy recipes and cooking techniques for perfectly grilled skirt steak, rib-eye, filet mignon and more from the chefs at Food Network.

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  • Grilled Filet of Beef
    Video | (02:02)

    The secret to Michael Chiarello's favorite grilled dish is a coffee crust.

  • Monster Meat Rib-Eye
    Recipe courtesy Allen Ray
  • Wellzones
    Video | (03:53)

    Brian makes Wellzones, his own combination of beef Wellington and calzones.

  • Blast From the Past
    Video | (21:00)

    Guy checks out some eateries where food is cooked the old-fashioned way.

  • Oaks Gourmet Burger
    Video | (03:51)

    Rahm finds an incredible gourmet treat: a dry-aged steak burger for $12.

  • The Comiskey at Ricobene's
    Video | (01:45)

    Jeff's in his element eating an iconic Comiskey at Ricobene's in Chicago.

  • Fresh Fish Facts
    Video | (02:50)

    Everything you need to know about buying fresh fish from Alton Brown.

  • For Papa
    Video | (21:00)

    Ladd's father has been honored with an award so Ree is throwing a party.

  • Spicy Surf-n-Turf Trio
    Video | (04:25)

    Surf-n-turf gets a spicy Mexican twist in a dish from Marcela Valladolid.

  • Grilling: What Would Bobby Do?
    Video | (04:30)

    What Bobby Flay would do: grill rib eye steaks with herbed goat cheese.

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