The Picky Eaters Project

Setting the Stage

Ep 1 Get picky eaters on board with the project; create a safe snack zone.

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  • The Picky Eaters Project
    The Picky Eaters Project (01:26)
    Setting the Stage
    Setting the Stage (03:57)
    Family Dinner Reboot
    Family Dinner Reboot (02:40)
    Transform Kids' Picky Palates
    Transform Kids' Picky Palates (03:16)
    Create Food Awareness
    Create Food Awareness (03:20)
    Swap in Healthier Foods
    Swap in Healthier Foods (02:59)
    Healthier Meal Makeovers
    Healthier Meal Makeovers (03:19)
    Tackle Breakfast and Snacks
    Tackle Breakfast and Snacks (02:45)
  • Don't Forget the Fun
    Don't Forget the Fun (03:24)