The New Superfruits
The New Superfruits

Learn why dragon fruit, acai and more exotic fruits deserve the superstar treatment.

Breakfast Salads
Breakfast Salads

Fun twists on classic morning options.

100-Calorie Treats
100-Calorie Treats

Love to indulge but trying to keep calories sensible? 

Healthy Eating For Every Meal
Better Bowls
Healthy Favorites
Healthy Eating Across America
  • The Freshest Fast Food
    The Freshest Fast Food

    Fast food and good-for-you food aren't mutually exclusive.

    • 8 Healthy Chains
    Juices Worth a Detour

    Not all juice bars are created equal, so we picked our faves.

    • Fresh Pressed and More
    Scope Out the Salad Bar
    Scope Out the Salad Bar

    How to pick the freshest and healthiest options.

Recipes and Tips for a Healthy Diet
100-Calorie Foods

What does 100 calories look like? Measure your favorites.

Grilled Chicken
Healthy Dining Out
Great Starts: Healthy Appetizers

Start your meal off with a light and fresh nibble that will satisfy without weighing you down.