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What dish couldn't benefit from a little sauce on top? Check out these stellar sauces to increase your sauce game.

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  • Sweet Heat: Strawberries
    Video | (04:48)

    Berry delights: strawberry jalapeno spread and strawberry barbecue sauce.

  • Critics Picks
    Video | (04:43)

    Four-star Le Vallauris in Palm Springs has great food and an a/c cooled patio.

  • Pom Syrup
    Video | (01:26)

    Pom syrup is used in marinades, sauces, dressings and a host of cocktails.

  • Spicy Beef With Mint
    Video | (02:59)

    Giada goes Thai with spicy beef flavored with two types of soy sauce.

  • Best of Mexico
    Video | (04:09)

    The Best Of visits Chez Binini, a soon to be well-known restaurant in Mexico.

  • Kansas City Grill
    Video | (03:52)

    Watch the pros in Kansas City cook up a storm on hickory wood grills.

  • Crostini alla Romana
    Video | (03:03)

    Giada drizzles rich sage butter on her prosciutto and Mozzarella crostini.

  • Texas Dog
    Video | (00:46)

    Bobby's Texas Dog is an all-beef frank topped with bbq sauce and a pickle.

  • Mother Hen Toast
    Video | (04:02)

    Tyler bakes Mother Hen Toast, eggs and ham on bread with bechamel sauce.