Would You Order Pizza Without the Cheese, Sauce or Toppings?

A national pizza chain has announced plans to sell “Just the Crust” pizza.

Some people love the cheese, others the sauce. And some pizza fans consider toppings the best part. Then there are those for whom pizza is all about the crust. For those people, the national pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchen has created just the thing: "Just the Crust" pizza.

The chain announced its new non-pizza pizza option a few days ago via Facebook, posting an image of fountain drink flanking a regular-looking triangular slice-of-pizza box with highly irregular contents: strips of naked pizza crust in graduated sizes.

"BREAKING NEWS: Everyone's favorite part of the pizza will be available for purchase at participating Villa Italian Kitchens nationwide starting on July 18," Villa Italian Kitchen declared. "Mark your calendars - our 'Just The Crusts' dish is almost here!"

Some diners were into the idea: "... yeah, good crust IS the best part of pizza!!!!" one commenter responded, encouragingly.

"my dream just came true!!!" wrote another.

Others took issue with the nomenclature. "So breadsticks?" one customer wondered.

Some pizza lovers were downright unenthusiastic. "Everyone’s favorite part of the pizza?" sniffed a doubter. "Why don’t you open up a shop next door where you only sell the bottom of a cupcake? Don’t limit yourself to just one bad idea."

There were those, too, who saw an opportunity: "Send me the other part of the pizza, we'll call it even. ;)" wrote one clever commenter on Instagram.

Sort of an if-life-gives-you-lemons perspective, only with pizza.

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