7 Mooncakes You Can Order Online

Get your fix of the Mid-Autumn Festival treat no matter where you are.

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August 04, 2022


Photo by: Kilito Chan/Getty Images

Kilito Chan/Getty Images

The Mid-Autumn Festival is just weeks away, falling on September 10 this year, and that means one thing for our sweet tooths: mooncake. The rich pastries have already started to crop up at local Asian bakeries, grocery stores and even Costco, reminding us to grab a box, and fast, before they disappear as suddenly as they came.

If your local aisles aren’t stocked, though, or you just can’t get your hands on the treats in person, not to fret. No matter how far from fresh mooncake – or home – you might be, here’s where you can order the pastries online and get them shipped right to your door.


Founded in 1938 in Hong Kong, Kee Wah Bakery has withstood the test of time and become known for its mooncakes, Chinese bridal cakes and traditional Hong Kong-style pastries. Packed in an ornately illustrated, but sturdy, no-fuss metal tin, this gift box includes four popular flavors: Lotus Seed, Red Bean, Date and Mixed Nuts with Ham.

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Lady M sure knows how to dazzle when it comes to the Mid-Autumn Festival. Every year, the shop drops an impressively packaged limited-edition set that goes far beyond the classic metal tin. For 2022, Lady M is giving us the Glowing Lights Mooncake Gift Set, which includes a spinning lantern that illuminates a hidden moonlit scene. The intricately constructed set contains miniature mooncakes made in collaboration with Kee Wah Bakery. This year’s flavors include fan-favorite Earl Grey, bold Coffee Caramel and vibrant Purple Yam Custard. We love that this set delivers top-notch mooncakes, along with a showstopping centerpiece for holiday festivities. Sets are now available for pre-order and will begin shipping out August 8.

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Open since 1924, Eastern Bakery is a San Francisco staple. Locals love it for its signature coffee crunch cake, but the bakery also makes mooncakes fresh in-house, rather than importing them like some shops do. While the spot is cash-only, and has a neighborhood feel, the bakery ships a wide variety of luscious, generously filled mooncakes nationwide. Choose from flavors like Lotus, Winter Melon, Rose Black Bean and more. E-mail the bakery directly to place any online orders.

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Food Network Host and Senior Culinary Producer Vivian Chan and her family order mooncake from the same Hong Kong bakery, Wing Wah, every year. “The box even comes with a QR-coded seal, so you can ensure you’re getting authentic mooncakes from that particular bakery.” The yearly sweets remind her of “sitting outside with my family in early fall when there’s just a nip in the air. When we were kids, we would celebrate the festival with paper lanterns, and we’d run around in the backyard. It’s very nostalgic for me.”

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Asian American pastry shop Dōmi is giving its mooncakes the spotlight they deserve under a new brand called Miss Moon. According to Dōmi, the new line is meant to offer “modern” mooncakes that can be had for the Mid-Autumn Festival, but also year-round. Though, that doesn’t mean Miss Moon isn’t whipping up a special set just for the holiday – the 2022 drop is packaged in a pastel-colored and minimalistic box, and carries four flavors: Jujube (pink), Red Lotus (yellow), Red Bean (lavender) and Black Sesame (green). The set is available for pre-order for nationwide shipping and local pickup in Los Angeles; boxes ship out after August 15.

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Get a variety of mooncakes from another longstanding bakery Sheng Kee, which was founded in 1948 in Taiwan, but only went online a few years ago. The bakery’s offerings include a wide range of sweets – from their popular Green Bean Puff Pastry to their Lava Taro Pastry (which boasts an oozing salted egg yolk center) – as well as more traditional mooncakes, packaged in its recognizable red box.

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Get two styles of mooncake in one luxurious set from 85 C Bakery. The box includes both ornately pressed Cantonese-style pastries, as well as round, flaky-crusted Taiwanese-style ones. Here, you’ll have plenty of sweet flavors to choose from including Almond Lotus Seed, Pineapple Yolk and Taro Mochi along with the bakery’s exclusive sweet-savory hybrid, Dong-Po Pastry. Unassuming on the outside, the golden, Asiago-cheese topped pastry is stuffed with a curious amalgam of typical mooncake and bao fillings pork floss, mochi, red bean paste, walnuts and egg yolk all wrapped in one.

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