3 Best Grill Brushes of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

We tested brushes on three kinds of grills to figure out which get the job done best.

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Updated on January 18, 2024

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Our Top Grill Brush Picks

Tested by Vivian Chan for Food Network Kitchen

When you invest in a grill, it is just as important to find the right brush to clean it. If a grill isn’t cleaned or cared for properly, it will result in foods that have a lot of burnt flavor, or rust on your grill grates. After looking for the highest rated grill brushes, we decided to put them to the test, including ones made with metal bristles, metal coils, nylon bristles and one even with a big sponge. Each brush was tested a minimum of three times on a variety of different grills. From a quick kebab slathered with sauce and a slab of ribs to a delicate fish filet, clean grates can make all the difference. Whether you have a charcoal, gas, pellet or even flat top, the best grill brush can ensure it stays in good condition for years to come. Read on to learn more about our favorite grill brushes.

What to Consider Before Buying a Grill Brush

What material do you need? There are so many different brushes on the market, so picking the right one really comes down to preference. The most common brushes are made with metal and either have bristles or coils with a scraper attachment. There are some safety concerns around metal wire grill brushes, so it's important to keep them well-maintained during the season and replace them when you start to see wear and tear. You can also find nylon and sponge-style grill brushes. Your grilling style will determine which material you should choose. If you are grilling different types of vegetables or proteins all at once or are using sticky and delicious sauces or marinades, we found a metal wire brush to be the best option.

What is a cold grill brush? A cold brush the new kid on the block when it comes to grill brushes. It is a good alternative for cooks who prefer to not have metal bristles or coils. There is a slight learning curve because you do need to apply a tiny bit more elbow grease with nylon brushes. Like the name suggests, it should only be used on a completely cooled or cold grill. If not, the nylon bristles will melt. It works best on charcoal and gas grates. Pads are often replaceable and are dishwasher safe.

Does handle length matter? A long handle is usually best for a brush to be used over a hot grill. This way the heat isn’t directly under your hand, and you avoid getting burned. Another great thing about a long handle is that it can provide longer strokes for an easier clean.

When Should You Brush Your Grill?

Every. Single. Time. Yes, you read it right. You should give a nice scrub to the grates before you start cooking on it. Clean grates means clean flavors. You wouldn’t want the burnt steak bits on your raw chicken. Also, it helps to prevent your new meal from sticking to the grates. When using a cold brush with nylon bristles, be sure to clean your grill before turning it on or after cooking once your grill has cooled down, since they will melt in the heat. When using a metal brush though, a good habit is to give the grill a gentle brushing in between cooking proteins or items that are heavily sauced. This will help with unwanted flavor transfer.

How Often to Replace Your Grill Brush

It really depends on the wear and tear on the brush itself. If you grill year round, then you will probably need to buy a new one annually. If you're a seasonal summer griller, once every three years should be fine. A couple of things to look out for are the condition of the bristles or coils and how much oil or grease has accumulated. If the bristles or coils are fraying, you’re getting close to needing a replacement, and if the bristles are falling out, you should replace immediately. Some brushes offer replacement pads that can be easily swapped out, while others are dishwasher safe. To clean a non-dishwasher safe brush, you can dip in a large shallow container: Use a plastic Tupperware filled with hot soapy water and dip the brush a couple of times, then spray with a hose or rinse with cold water until cleaned through. Let air-dry completely before storing.

How We Tested

We tested eight top-rated grill brushes to select our top three. Some of the key elements we focused on were use and care, ergonomic design, performance and how to clean. We tested on three different types of grills: charcoal, gas and pellet. Each brush went through a series of tests including how clean the grates were, how comfortable it was to use and how much force needed to be applied.

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GRILLART’s 18-inch grill brush was the best of the best. The design of this brush is unlike any others we tried. No matter what the grill had endured from cooking, with two motions the grates were shiny like new. This triple head design comes with a non-slip handle and the two scrapers included keeps even the smallest crevice clean as whistle. As for cleaning, a quick dip in soap water and a spray down and all the food bits are gone. Just under $20, this brush is as good as it gets.


OXO is a leader in the cookware space and doesn’t skimp on quality. This brush has the most durable bristles compared to any of the other cold brushes we tried. The top of the brush is angled which makes it more comfortable. Since you do need to apply a little more elbow grease with a cold brush, the handle has a soft grip for an extra layer of comfort. Dishwasher safe, replaceable pads and a good price makes this an excellent choice.


Weber is a trusted brand when it comes to grilling. This brush cleaned really well and the strong bristles looked brand new after many uses. The handle is on the shorter side compared to most but the sturdy bristles whisk away stuck on food bites in a breeze. No need to worry about burning your hands and arms.

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