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Season 5, Episode 6

Wild Card High Jinks

The second round action continues as the last of the Super 16 fight for a chance at the quarterfinals. Guy Fieri has four final spots in the Great 8 that will put each winning chef one step closer to winning the belt, the coveted title and $150,000.

Apr 6
1pm | 12c
Season 5, Episode 7

The Great 8 Faceoff

Guy Fieri welcomes the victorious Great 8 back into the arena to compete in the toughest quarterfinals in Tournament of Champions history, where they'll have to face each other along with the dreaded randomizer in sudden death showdowns.

Apr 6
3pm | 2c

About the show

For the first time, Food Network and host Guy Fieri gather 32 of the world's greatest chefs for the most-intense culinary competition ever held. Emotions run high in the single-elimination, sudden-death bracket tournament as the competitors face off in head-to-head battles to stay alive. As the pressure mounts, shocking surprises unfold both inside and outside the arena. All the chefs have the talent and skill to walk away with the ultimate championship title in food, but only one will win the Tournament of Champions.

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