20 Fun Food-Themed Costumes You Need this Halloween

One for you, one for your kiddo — and don't forget your pet!

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September 17, 2018
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Forget trying to recreate the perfect Elsa costume or trying to nail pretty much any character from Game of Thrones this Halloween. Instead, step up your dress-up game with a fun food-themed costume. The best part? No one will be asking, "So, what are you?" the whole night. Oh, and you'll have that costume contest in the bag.

Group costumes can be a challenge, but they're pretty awesome when you pull them off. Be a deconstructed s'more with two of your buddies.

Babies are the most fun to dress up at Halloween because they can't protest at all. So if you want to make your baby the sweetest little ear of corn there ever was, have at it.

A very second close to dressing up babies is dressing up your pets. Granted, they might not be as ammenable, but they make really cute chefs.

If you can make a baby round and fluffy, you should. This cotton candy costume is squeal-inducing and pairs nicely with a package of popcorn.

Beverage costumes totally count as food-themed. You might have to be in college or a recent graduate for this to be your costume choice, but if the party gets boring, you can always become the entertainment.

This turkey hat is our vote for the most-minimal-effort-required costume. Stick it in your bag and anytime someone gives you lip for not wearing a costume, pop this baby on.

Fruity, sparkly outfits are rich for pup parades on All Hallow's Eve. Grab a pineapple for your pretty little princess. Bonus points if she keeps the hat on.

Our only wish is that these adorable costumes came in adult sizes. But let's be honest, grown-up size sushi isn't nearly as cute as these two little bundles of rice and fish.

Get straight at what Halloween is about with a candy costume. This one calls itself a "Candy Fairy" getup — or as we like to call it, "I'll Be Up Way Past Bedtime."

Why not combine two of the sweetest things around — your kiddo and a cupcake treat — for the perfect food-themed costume? The cherry-on-top headband is good enough to eat.

If your little one is a donut lover, indulge them this Halloween with a sprinkle-covered plush costume. It's easy to pop over any outfit, or if it's a chilly night, a coat.

Stick your babe in this pink delight and let the squeals wash over you as you pig out on fun-size candy bars.

For kids that like to keep it sweet instead of scary, go for a gumball machine costume. The real balls on the top turn what could be an unremarkable outfit into a killer one.

Twin baby costume ideas are nearly endless. There are so many delicious things you can dress them up in. We're a little partial to the ketchup and mustard set.

Hm, this "celebrity chef" looks awfully familiar to us. Throw on a flame shirt and drive around in a Mustang with the top down, and you'll get our vote for Best Costume.

Car hops stopped serving up fries and a shake decades ago, but you can live out your fantasies of being a rollerskating waitress in a retro outfit like this on Halloween.

Toddlers probably won't do a whole lot of trick-or-treating, but it is most assuredly worth taking your pre-candy eater out just so people can see how cute she is as a strawberry!

If there is ever a time to be a bit too on-the-nose with your Dachshund's garb, it's October 31st. Honestly, any short dog like this Corgi can pull off the hot dog look like the very good girl or boy they are.

Food fans come in all sizes. You can pull off a chef's costume pretty easily as an adult, but dress your small foodie in a chef's costume for the big night and she'll no doubt inhabit the role with relish.

There has been baby-sized version of this peapod costume around for years, and that is what makes this adult sized one so hilarious. Something about a full grown person showing up in a peapod really is wonderfully silly.

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