All the Ways to Christmas-ify Your Halloween This Year

If you're someone who wishes Christmas came early, these new Halloween traditions are your chance to shine!

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October 08, 2022

Photo by: Image courtesy of Amazon

Image courtesy of Amazon

You’ve probably already noticed that there’s a new trend bubbling across the internet. No, it’s not butter boards, though those are fairly popular at the moment. Or pumpkin spice scented-trash bags (yes, those are now a thing). We’re talking about something much more festive, fun and frightful. We're talking about the "Christmas-a-fication" of Halloween! From advent calendars and hot cocoa bombs to Christmas trees and gingerbread houses, traditions and products that were once solely seen, utilized and marketed as "Christmas" items are now embracing their mischievous side, and we are SO here for it. If you are too, this list is for you! Here are five boo-tiful ways to enjoy your favorite holly jolly traditions with a Halloween touch this Yule-a-Ween.

Conjure Up an Advent Calendar!

We’re pretty obsessed with Christmas advent calendars, especially food-themed ones like these. Since Halloween is all about candy, it only makes sense to add a spellbinding Halloween countdown calendar to your fall decor. Just like their Christmas counterparts, these fun buys can be filled with just about anything you want, from edible sweets and treats to stickers and other small toys or goodies. Another plus? Unlike Christmas-themed advent calendars, which hold 25 days' worth of surprises, Halloween advent calendars come with 31 compartments total. Say hello to six extra days of candy!

Make a Haunted (Gingerbread) House

Photo by: Heather Baird

Heather Baird

There’s no rule that says that gingerbread houses — or gingerbread cookies for that matter — can only be eaten during Christmas time. In fact, the spicy, sweet and sturdy treat lends itself pretty seamlessly to Halloween. If building a gingerbread house with your kiddos or best pals is a time-honored holiday ritual in your household, you’ll love this terrifyingly terrific Halloween interpretation, which turns the traditional treat into a miniature haunted house! Whether you choose to buy a kit from your favorite retailer or make your house completely from scratch (see the adorably monstrous photo above), we’re absolutely positive you’ll do a fang-tastic job breathing new life into yours.

Decorate Your Actual House

The minute we found out Halloween Christmas trees existed, we were totally enthralled. You will be too once you lay your eyes on the mythical, magical ones we included above and below. Just like a traditional Christmas tree, these festive finds can be dressed up (or down) in whatever way, style or theme you choose. We love the idea of going with an eye-catching combo of scary ornaments, glowy string lights, kooky toppers, brightly-hued tinsel and more. One thing that makes these eerie Halloween-themed trees slightly better than their Christmas equivalents are the bold color palettes they’re available in. If you’re someone who’s always wished you could have a black or orange-colored holiday tree, here’s your chance.

Brew a Delicious Potion

Photo by: Photograph by Ryan Liebe

Photograph by Ryan Liebe

We can all agree that hot cocoa is the unofficial drink of Christmas, so it’s more than appropriate for you to sip on a cup while you are busy blending together your Halloween and Christmas traditions this October. We have a sneaking suspicion that all the little witches and wizards in your coven will fall in love with the adorable hot cocoa bombs included below, which require little more than hot milk (or boiled water) and a mug to make. If you want to turn your cocoa making into an activity the entire family can enjoy on Halloween night, Food Network Magazine’s brand-new Extra-Dark Hot Cocoa (pictured above) or Food Network Kitchen’s Halloween Hot Cocoa Bombs both make a delicious hands-on choice. To finish your drinks off, be sure to stretch a sticky batch of these marshmallow cobwebs over the top of each drink.

Bake Some Tricks…and Treats

Spooky Punches and Skeleton Desserts

Photo by: Ralph Smith

Ralph Smith

Christmas and cookie baking go hand-in-hand, so why not make the beloved activity part of your All Hallow’s Eve tradition as well?! We’re fairly confident you can turn just about any one of your favorite holiday cookies — from chocolate chips and thumbprints to gingerbread men and sandwich cookies — into a dreadfully delicious Halloween treat. Utilizing items and decorative ingredients like orange and black food coloring or icing, candy eyeballs, and darkly-colored sprinkles are an easy way to do just that. If sugar cookies always have a prime spot on your Christmas dessert table, these three recipes are a must-make.

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