Now, It’s Really Everywhere: Hefty Makes Pumpkin Spice-scented Trash Bags

The limited-edition bags are already being auctioned off on eBay.

October 03, 2022


Photo by: Photo courtesy of Hefty

Photo courtesy of Hefty

Pumpkin spice coffee drinks, treats and candles, while somewhat divisive, are tried-and-true fall favorites. For many, they are synonymous with the transition to sweater weather. But if you thought the pumpkin spice craze had already spread to every corner of our lives, it turns out it had spared one spot … until now: Hefty has announced that it is “bringing the joy of pumpkin spice to…the trash can.”

Yes, new limited-edition Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice Ultra Strong Trash Bags are now a thing you can buy, thanks to Hefty. And if you are wondering if maybe you got lost in the calendar and it’s April 1, rather than early October, nope — this is for real. Hefty is directing people to a special page — — to buy the limited-edition trash bags and give “their garbage the cozy fall upgrade they never knew they needed.”

According to the official product page, the bags “combine the strength and odor-control you know and love from Hefty with the crave-worthy Fall scent of Pumpkin Spice.” Leak, puncture and rip resistant, they offer “Ultra Strong 6-in-1 Protection,” “Arm & Hammer Continuous Odor Control,” “Flex Strength,” “Reliable drawstring closure” and “all the Fall vibes.”

“Strong, dependable, and oh-so-delightfully scented, Hefty Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice Ultra Strong Trash Bags prove that there's nothing pumpkin spice doesn't make better — including the trash,” the brand promises.

“At this point, pumpkin spice is a cultural phenomenon. We wanted to combine that beloved scent with the strength, odor-control, and reliability consumers know and love from Hefty for a truly unexpected and delightful fall offering,” Colleen Peters, senior brand manager at Reynolds Consumer Products, says in a press release. "These limited-time-offer trash bags will let pumpkin lovers everywhere indulge in the fall scent they love, while Hefty's odor-control technology will keep their homes smelling clean.”

Of course that’s all great news for anyone who wants pumpkin spice to touch literally every aspect of their lives. But — brace yourself — there is also a little bad news. The 13-gallon bags come in boxes of 20 and were priced to sell for $5.95, which is the same cost as standard Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags. However, although they went on sale only on Friday (ahead of National Pumpkin Spice Day, on Saturday, October 1), they are already all sold out.

We’ve reached out to Hefty to ask about the brand’s plans to bring back the seasonally aromatic trash bags. But in the meantime, if you truly must get your hands on them, and you’re ready to throw out a big heap of dollars to line your can with trash bags that smell like pumpkin spice, eBay has quite a few listings for them. Prices currently range from $35.00 (plus $12.75 shipping) to $129.99 (plus $7 shipping). Yeah, pretty steep for trash bags. Maybe you could pitch the dregs of your PSL in the garbage and get the same effect?

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